Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Tips to be comfortable all day wearing hijab

 Tips to be comfortable all day wearing hijab

Hijab is an obligation for every Muslim woman. As a woman wearing hijab, maintaining cleanliness is very necessary. For those of you who have started many outdoor activities, it is very important to keep your hijab clean to be comfortable carrying out daily activities.

1. Maintain cleanliness of hair

Maintain cleanliness of hair

Wearing the hijab is not an excuse to be lazy about caring for hair. Untreated hair can affect the health of the scalp, as well as cause odor in the hijab. By washing your hair regularly, you can keep your hair healthy and clean, you know!

2. Avoid wearing hijab when hair is wet

Avoid wearing hijab when hair is wet

After you finish shampooing, don't forget to dry your hair so it doesn't get damp when using the hijab, yes, Dear. Wearing a hijab with wet hair will cause dandruff and itching on your scalp, you know! And of course, it will cause discomfort for you to carry out your daily activities.

3. Make sure the hijab is perfectly dry

Make sure the hijab is perfectly dry

Wash the hijab clean, dry the hijab and make sure it is perfectly dry. Make sure your hijab is completely dry, avoid hijab that is still damp so it doesn't smell bad.

4. Change the hijab regularly

Change the hijab regularly

For those of you who have started activities outside or at home, don't forget to always change your hijab every day. Even if you don't feel sweaty or smelly, there is no reason to wear the same hijab more than once!

5. Pay attention to the ciput or the inside of the hijab

Pay attention to the ciput or the inside of the hijab

Routinely changing the hijab is not enough to keep you clean. It is important to replace the inner hijab ciput whenever you feel that it is dirty, sweaty or even just damp.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

5 choices of wedding dress at KUA

 5 choices of wedding dress at KUA

Any plans to get married in the near future? Although the current circumstances and conditions are not as normal as before, the holy intention to take a more serious level should not be extinguished. Good intentions must be hastened, yes, Dear. Even though it is carried out at the KUA or at home, the marriage contract is still sacred.

Simple indeed, even so the marriage you want is once in a lifetime. You still have to wear the best clothes that make you look beautiful on your happy day. HIJUP Magazine provides five recommended dress recommendations for marriage at KUA or at home.

1. Dress the beautiful laces

Dress the beautiful laces

Wedding day is synonymous with white. Holy, sacred, and pure the bond of marriage between two human beings. Wrapped in a white dress is fairly ordinary and classic, but white never dies for your wedding day, it's perfect for your wedding ceremony procession.

2. Dress Tulle Cream

Dress Tulle Cream

Cream color is also okay for you to use for your happy day with your partner. The sacred procession of the contract will not be any different from a dress different in color from white. The soft and warm cream color is perfect for the day you have been waiting for a lifetime.

3. Chocolate Tulle Dress

Chocolate Tulle Dress

For those of you who like earth tones, a brown dress is perfect for you. With tulle material and warm brown colors, the sacred impression on your happy day still radiates. Wear the same hijab color with the straps to keep you looking stylish. This light brown tulle is suitable for any skin tone, Dear.

4. Emerald Tulle Dress

Emerald Tulle Dress

Who said only soft colors can you wear during the wedding ceremony? Bright and bold colors can also be your dress choice for your big day. The luxurious emerald color still gives a sacred impression on your contract day. You can mix and match with the appropriate plain color hijab and you still look elegant.

5. Kaftan with Beads

Kaftan with Beads

The beads add a stylish look to your happy day. Using a caftan with beads doesn't hurt for your marriage contract, Dear. You still look elegant and stylish on your big day. Pair it with the appropriate hijab color, so that your appearance will charm you as a bride.
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Hijab Recommendations for Nursing Mothers

 Hijab Recommendations for Nursing Mothers

Being a nursing mother must dress comfortably not only for herself, but also for the baby. Moreover, for women who wear hijab, don't wear the hijab uncomfortable or even interfere with breastfeeding.

Even though when a new normal like this doesn't leave the house, it's okay to wear the hijab at home. For example, there are guests, you must wear a headscarf and breastfeeding conditions too.

Hijab that does not bother or interfere with your baby's breastfeeding activities. No needles, pins, pins, brooches and other accessories. For the sake of having a safe hijab for your little one, HIJUP Magazine provides a hijab recommendation for Busui. Come on, check the recommendations!

1. Instant Square Square

Instant Square Square

For those of you who are accustomed to wearing a rectangular hijab, the instant square hijab can be your choice. You don't need to wear hijab accessories anymore, you just need to use it like wearing a bergo or khimar hijab. Breastfeeding activity is not disturbed because of uncomfortable hijab, your little one is safe.

2. Bergo basic

Bergo basic

The basic Bergo with a strap at the back is currently in trend, yes, Dear. Bergo like this has also been a trend in the past few years. Bergo like this is usually used at home, or used when leaving the house. With a strap that is easy to apply.

3. Bergo Motif

Bergo Motif

Tired of plain bergo? You can use the Bergo motif for everyday, Dear. Bergo motifs can also support your appearance even at home. The motif is attractive and the application of the strap at the back, you are still comfortable breastfeeding safely.

4. Long Bergo

Long Bergo

For those who are in syar'i style, using the long bergo is common, well, the long bergo can be your choice. The length of the bergonya to cover the chest and also as a substitute for an apron. Guaranteed, breastfeeding is comfortable. Without having to wear hijab accessories that can disturb Busui and the baby.

5. Khimar


Just like bergo, khimar that covers your chest is also your right choice when breastfeeding. No need to wear a nursing apron, because the khimar length makes breastfeeding comfortable. And insha Allah, your genitals are kept safe and safe for babies, Dear.
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Mukena recommendations for Eid al-Adha

 Mukena recommendations for Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha is coming. In the new normal era, congregational prayers in mosques were enforced. Eid al-Adha prayers are held everywhere.

Mukena for Eid al-Adha prayers has an effect, you know. It can make you reverent, especially during the Eid prayers twice a year. For those of you who are in need of a new mukena, HIJUP Magazine provides recommendations for mukena for this year's Eid al-Adha prayer with the latest mukena collection.

1. Mukena Abaya

Mukena Abaya

Mukena Abaya can be one of your choices for Eid al-Adha prayers. With details without hijab, you can still pray with the hijab you wear. The material is cool, so you don't feel hot even though the atmosphere is busy with other worshipers.

2. Lace accent mukena

Lace accent mukena

You can use mukena with lace accents to pray for Eid al-Adha. You can also use this lace accent that doesn't end in mukena for daily prayers. Mukena with comfortable and lightweight material and comes with a bag, perfect for carrying anywhere.

3. Mukena motive

Mukena motive

Mukena with this beautiful motif can be your choice, Dear. With premium rayon material that is comfortable, soft, cool, and doesn't dreamy when used, it is suitable for prayer anywhere. Especially during Eid al-Adha prayers, for daily prayer this mukena is also recommended.

4. Traveling Mukena

Traveling Mukena

You can also wear Mukena Traveling to Eid al-Adha prayers, you know. The material is light and cool and is suitable for praying outside. With premium cotton silk material, baby silk & premium cerutti crep, so it is comfortable to use. This Mukena is suitable for you to carry when traveling, so that you are always safe.

5. Plain Mukena

Plain Mukena

Mukena made from silky cotton with lace decoration, with rubber details on the head is a favorite. Simple yet elegant, this mukena can be an option for Eid al-Adha prayers.
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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Tips for Elevating Style with a Blazer

 Tips for Elevating Style with a Blazer

What is your favorite fashion outfit, Dear? The blazer collection may be one of them. In the past, blazers were only intended to match formal styles, now the blazer collection is quite flexible for various style combinations, namely chic look, laid-back style, to edgy vibes.

Well, if you plan to elevate your style with your favorite blazer collection. Let's check these tips!

1. Simply Chic

Simply Chic

The first combination of looks, you can try a simply chic equivalent like this. The trick, just combine a contrasting blazer with earthy colored clothes.

2. Goin 'Monochrome

Goin 'Monochrome

The easiest tip for instantly creating a stylish look is with a matching or monochrome look. To make it easy to mix and match and look safe, you can choose to use a black blazer combined with ethnic motif pants.

3. Casual Days Out

Casual Days Out

During relaxing moments, of course, you need clothes with maximum comfort. Wear a co-Ords outfit that is mixed and matched with a blazer. To get rid of the monotonous impression, you should choose a motif like this.

4. Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes

There's nothing wrong with exploring trends that were popular in the past. You can try a 60-70 retro vibe like this one. Combine a turtleneck top with plaid trousers and your favorite blazer.

5. Smart Casual

Smart Casual

Want to appear smart casual? Just rely on your favorite blazer! Pair it with jeans and a beautiful printed blouse. Don't forget to complete this style with a pair of heels.
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Bergo Hijab Recommendations for Maternity Moments

 Bergo Hijab Recommendations for Maternity Moments

The moment of childbirth is the moment that the mother awaits to meet the baby. This moment is both thrilling and time consuming to prepare. For mothers who give birth in the hospital, it is quite a hassle to prepare what to bring. Apart from the baby new born equipment, don't miss the mother's equipment.

Preparing maternal equipment, of course, cannot be arbitrary, huh. This is because it will make it difficult and add to the emotions of new mothers whose physical conditions have not fully recovered.

One that is prepared by mothers who are about to give birth is the hijab with a bergo. This type of bergo hijab is indeed simple and flexible to use at all times, including childbirth. HIJUP Magazine has several recommended choices. Come on, check the recommendations!

1. Rosie Bergo

Rosie Bergo
This light pink colored HIJUP BASIC bergo collection has a light material. Certainly comfortable to wear because there is a detailed back strap. This bergo is quite long and covers the chest, Dear.

2. Calea Bergo

Calea Bergo

The two-layered bergo from Radwah is also light. With Premium Baby Doll material, it remains cool even though it is two layers. The detail of the rope makes you comfortable to wear it everyday, especially during childbirth. The color is good mocca to give calm.

3. Bergo Sameera Hijab Instant Laser Cut

Bergo Sameera Hijab Instant Laser Cut

Bergo with laser cut detail will keep you stylish in your maternity moments. Even so, this bergo is comfortable to wear because of the detail on the rope and the cool Arabian Crepe material.

4. Bergo Basic

Bergo Basic

The Chale brand has a fairly wide Bergo Basic. The Diamond Crepe material is definitely cool everyday use. Don't forget the details of the flexible rope you use.

5. Bergo Alia 

Bergo Alia for HIJUP

DIARIO with Bergo Alia for HIJUP can be the choice of bergo that you use for childbirth moments. The material is light and cool, which is certainly comfortable even if you wear it in the hospital.

6. Bergo Syakira

Bergo Syakira

The pet details on the bergo make your cheeks look thinner. You can really use Bergo Syakira from House of Kartina for your maternity moments. With spandex material, it is definitely cool and light. This bergo is quite wide, so don't worry, Dear!
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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Peek Tricks Combining Ala Summer Al-Barcha Lilac Dress

Peek Tricks Combining Ala Summer Al-Barcha Lilac Dress

Lilac is definitely the color of the year! Clothes with purple lilac color are indeed becoming a favorite outfit for many people to look stunning. Summer Al-Barcha is one of the fashion icons who likes to wear lilac clothes for their mix and style.

Summer looks cool exploring with mix and match lilac outfits at every opportunity. Are you interested in trying this one mix and match style? Let's take a peek at the info below!

1. Look casual with matching navy clothes and lilac pants 

Look casual with matching navy clothes and lilac pants

2. Give a touch of preppy chic with a lilac sweater and printed skirt

Give a touch of preppy chic with a lilac sweater and printed skirt

3. Try Wearing a Co-Ord Outfit for a Standout Style

Try Wearing a Co-Ord Outfit for a Standout Style

4. Look more feminine with a floral dress

Look more feminine with a floral dress.

5. Pair a Lilac Blazer for a more formal style

Pair a Lilac Blazer for a more formal style

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