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Tips for a relaxed and chic style by Eileen Lahi

Tips for a relaxed and chic style by Eileen Lahi

When looking for outfit inspiration from influencers, there is no end. One of the influencers from Qatar, Eileen Lahi, who likes to share her outfit of the day through her Instagram account.

Besides sharing outfit inspiration, Eileen also likes to share about food and traveling on the @eslimah account. HIJUP has several outfit recommendations for those of you who want to look effortless chic. Curious? Listen below, yes!

1. Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

Do you like to wear dresses? Wrap dress can be an option to look feminine! Dress is one of Eileen's favorite fashion items. By combining a gray dress and neutral pashmina, Eileen's look looks feminine but still looks relaxed. Don't forget to complete it with a bag and white heels so that the outfit is more chic.

2. Yellow Blouse

Yellow Blouse

Look fresher with bright colored clothes! Like the yellow blouse Eileen wore. A yellow blouse is best combined with white subordinates so that the outfit looks fresh and stylish. You can also combine the hijab with a neutral color or printed scarf according to your taste. Loh!

3. Matching Set

Matching Set

Matching set is suitable for all styles. Can be used for a formal or casual look. For a casual look, choose a sleeveless matching set so that it can be paired with cuffs that give a relaxed impression. Like this Eileen outfit. He combines a white blouse with a matching set, complete with white sneakers for a more modest look.

4. Formal Co-Ord Outfit

Formal Co-Ord Outfit

You can also use Co-Ords for casual to semi-formal looks. Choose a soft color to give a light impression. Co-Ords can be combined with a neutral colored blouse suitable for your outfit to the office. Like the outfit Eileen wears, it looks formal but not too stiff. You can complete it with your favorite hand bag and neutral colored heels to complete your outfit. No need to bother to mix and match anymore.

5. Blue Skirt

Blue Skirt

Bored with the same skirt color? Try it, occasionally use a blue skirt. The blue color will make your appearance more effortless chic. You can combine a pastel blue skirt with a white blouse. Don't forget to use a hijab with a neutral color, dear!
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Tips on Combining a Samia Sweater

Tips on Combining a Samia Sweater

Meet Samia, this one hijab influencer is seen often wearing a sweater collection as her flagship outfit collection. Despite having a small body, in fact Samia is still able to make a simple sweater collection look more stylish.
Samia-style sweater mixes also tend to be simple, stylish, but still comfortable. Very fitting to accompany the change of the rainy season like this. Need some mix and match tips? Check out the trick below, yes!

1. Stylish Layering Style

Stylish Layering Style

One trick in dealing with cold weather is to try different layering styles. Given that we live in a tropical country, you should choose a sweater with light material and combine it with an oversized shirt like this.

2. Sweet and Comfortable Matching Appearance

Sweet and Comfortable Matching Appearance

Another tip that you can try is a matching look. Choose a large sweater combined with matching pants. To get rid of the monotonous impression, mix it with a contrasting colored hijab.

3. Create a Chic Impression with Patterned Pants

Create a Chic Impression with Patterned Pants

If you like to be chic, mix your favorite oversized sweater collection with printed pants. To maximize the comfortable impression, choose motif pants with loose pieces.

4. Pair it with a printed skirt for a feminine impression

Pair it with a printed skirt for a feminine impression

The sweater collection is also suitable, you know, for a feminine style equivalent, about that you can try combining it with your favorite motif skirt.

5. Look Casual with Match Jeans

Look Casual with Match Jeans

You belong to the casual style team? If so, try to combine the oversized sweater with jeans with a loose silhouette. Simply stylish for your daily look!
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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Reasons You Should Try Block Heels

Reasons You Should Try Block Heels

One of the most important investments you can make this year is collecting block heels. These shoes and sandals have varied heights like other heels. Starting from low heels like kitten heels to high heels like stilettos. What distinguishes it from other heels is the shape of the heels that are boxy or resemble a thick block.

Forget shoes and sandals with pencil, cone, or needle-shaped heels and try block heels.

Not like stilettos that make your feet sore and sore. For those of you who are not used to wearing heels or sandals, you can start experimenting with using these block heels. Then what makes block heels so popular and is a trend today? Here are the advantages of block heels that you must know

1. On-Trend


Around the 90s, block heels had become a trend for young career women. However, as the heyday of block heels that year went on, they were defeated by the appearance of stilettos that were considered more elegant and beautiful. Currently, block heels are back to their glory. It is even known that Coco Chanel, the founder of fashion giant Chanel, used to wear block heels for her activities. Then what makes you not immediately collect and use it?

2. Stable and Visible Levels

Stable and Visible Levels
With a height of about 2 inches in the block heels that you wear, you have provided more stability to your body than using kitten heels of the same height. In addition, by using block heels, your posture will be more formed and better than when you wear ballet flats.

3. The Best Friend of Activity

The Best Friend of Activity

Block heels have a thick heel that can provide maximum comfort. You no longer need to bring extra shoes when you go to the office. By wearing block heels, you can look comfortable and confident all day long. Comfortable to use for casual and formal events.

4. Easy to mix and match

Easy to mix and match

Shoes or sandals of this type can instantly enhance your appearance. Your look can be refreshed by combining block heels and denim. You can get a firm and elegant look in an instant, simply combine block heels with a jacket or blazer. For an adult look, you can combine block heels with a monochrome outfit. As for the bold edgy style, you can combine it with flashy motifs.

5. Maximum comfort

Maximum comfort

Did you know that the glory of stilettos and pump shoes is starting to decline? But for you fans of heels, you don't need to worry because block heels will continue to be a trend. Shoes and sandals of this type can provide confidence, beautiful posture, and comfort for movement that other types of heels cannot provide.

So, are you getting interested in block heels and want to collect them right away?
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Skirts to Fit Your Body Shape

Skirts to Fit Your Body Shape

Human body shape is not always perfect. Luckily for those of you who have a tall and thin body because your body type is suitable when you wear any clothes. Then what if you have a fat, thin, and petite body? This time, HIJUP Magazine will provide tips on skirt models according to your body shape. Check these out!

1. A Skirt Suitable for Fat Women

A Skirt Suitable for Fat Women

In choosing a skirt, obese women must pay attention to shape, color, and detail. A pencil cut skirt will give the wearer a sleek impression, but wear the right size so it doesn't look too tight. However, for those of you who want to appear more flexible, you can try a skirt with a looser cut with an a-line silhouette like this. For color selection, black or navy is a highly recommended color.

2. A Skirt Suitable for Skinny Women

A Skirt Suitable for Skinny Women

It's not difficult to choose a skirt that suits thin women. In fact, you tend to be free to use any model. But if you feel less confident about your thin body proportions, you can choose a skirt with a pile design that makes your body proportions look more voluminous. This skirt with a touch of two patterns is ready to give the impression of volume. Suitable for use by thin women.

3. A Skirt Suitable for Tiny Women

A Skirt Suitable for Tiny Women

Petite women often hide their shortcomings by using high heels. You can use this trick and combine it with a wide cut skirt. Choose a skirt with a wide cut and has a detailed or vertical stripe pattern or a wide-cut skirt with vertical pleats details.

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Clothes that are suitable for disguising large sleeves

Clothes that are suitable for disguising large sleeves

Having certain body parts that are bigger sometimes makes us confused about choosing clothes. One-wrong choice, it will highlight what we want to cover up. HIJUP has several recommendations for clothes that are suitable for owners of big sleeves, you know! Are you curious about the clothes? Listen below, yes!

1. Oversized shirt

Oversized shirt

For those of you who have big sleeves, oversized shirts can be your best friend! Besides making your appearance more stylish, oversized shirts are also comfortable to use. Even though Aeri Top from Legan has contrasting colors, you can combine it with your favorite jeans or plain pants! This dress is perfect 
for your daily casual style, dear.

2. Ruffle Tunic

Ruffle Tunic

Want to appear more feminine? You can use the Tunic ruffle. The tunic with ruffle details on the shoulders will make the illusion of your arms appear smaller. Apart from that, the ruffle details also give off an effortless chic impression. Kaira Gingham from Marra Indonesia also has a contrasting tartan motif, you can mix it with white pants and a matching hijab.

3. Patterned Shirt

Patterned Shirt

Look more stylish with a shirt pattern. Wearing a patterned shirt will make other people focus more on the shirt than on your arms. This Palms Shirt from LoveTicia has an attractive leaf motif with a touch of navy. This shirt is easy to mix and match with gray or cream bottoms. Don't forget to mix it with a matching hijab, huh!

4. Blazer


The fashion item that you must have is a blazer. Besides being able to make your appearance effortless stylish, a blazer can also make your arms less prominent. Like the Riyumi Outer Mannequin collection here. The design is simple but still gives a classy effect. This blazer is suitable for your outfit to the office or accompany you for other formal events.

5. Cardigan


The last fashion item that you shouldn't miss is a cardigan! Cardigans are easy to mix and match if you're bored with the clothes you have. This Ulani Outer from Bellissima can be your choice, you know! You can mix and match the stripes with contrasting details and neutral colors with your favorite plain clothes. Relax, this cardigan will not make your arms look big, really.

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The difference between jackets, cardigans and sweaters

The difference between jackets, cardigans and sweaters

Jackets, cardigans and sweaters are garments designed and manufactured to cover the upper body from the belly to the wrists. Apart from covering the body, the three fashion items are also designed to warm the body.

Although it is often considered the same by most people, there are some basic differences that distinguish the three. And it is because of this ignorance that many people make the wrong choice between jackets, cardigans and sweaters.

Mistakes in choosing will not occur if you know the differences between the three and understand more deeply. For those of you who are confused about what kind of warm clothes to choose, you can make your choice based on the differences in the following jackets, cardigans, and sweaters.



A jacket is a garment designed with the aim of covering the upper body with an open front. A jacket is usually made of woven fabric and can be used for those of you who need warm outerwear. Along with the development of fashion, currently jackets are designed with more diverse materials such as polyester or parachute.

However, jackets can not only be used to warm up during cold weather. You can still use a jacket for hot weather by choosing a jacket made from thin and light. Jackets are also a flexible fashion item for various events ranging from casual to formal events. In terms of details, jackets usually use a zipper on the front.

2. Cardigan


Initially, the cardigan was a military jacket with long sleeves made of knitted wool and fringed on the front. The history of the origin of the word cardigan is because this jacket was used by British army officers during the Crimean war which was during the reign of Earl of Cardigan VII. In the 20th century, the cardigan evolved with a collarless model which was an adaptation for casual sportswear.
After that, cardigans became popular and were worn for everyday wear. Knitwear manufacturers produce them in a variety of styles using pure wool or blended wool, complete with buttons and long sleeves.
Cardigans have become more and more popular since they were popularized by Chanel during the 1920s to 1930s. In the 1950s, there was a cardigan model with a button on the back.

3. Sweaters

Sweater Tie Dye

A sweater is a fashion item made from knitted yarn, manually or with a knitting machine. There are many different types and designs of a sweater.

This fashion item has been popular for a long time and is never timeless. Sweaters come in various designs ranging from classic to modern styles, with various colors and patterns.

Usually, sweaters do not have buttons or zippers and are worn by tucking them directly over the head. Because they are made of knitted wool, sweaters are usually thicker and heavier than jackets. This makes sweaters more suitable to wear during cold weather. Sweaters also have a variety of collars, ranging from round collars, V collars, to high collars.

Those are some of the characters and the differences between jackets, cardigans and sweaters. If you choose which one? Choose a jacket, cardigan, or sweater?
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Plain Tunic for Daily Style

Plain Tunic for Daily Style

Tunics can be one of the favorite fashion items for those of you who wear hijab. Apart from being easy to mix and match, tunics are also comfortable to use for everyday styles. For those of you who like plain clothes, HIJUP has recommendations for plain tunics to accompany your daily style, you know! You can use it to hangout or go to the office. Even though it's plain, the recommendations from HIJUP will not bore you with the choices. Curious? Listen below, yes!

1. Two-tone tunic

Two-tone tunic

First, there is Radwah's Twotone Tunic Vaira. This tunic has a unique design with two tone color details. Simple but still looks stylish. You can pair it with pants that have one of the colors of this tunic, or your favorite neutral color. This tunic also has a busui friendly front zipper detail. There are several color choices too, you know!

2. Dark Color Tunic

Dark Color Tunic

For those of you who like dark colors, you can try Nerisa Tunic. This tunic has ruffle details on the sleeves that give it a sweet impression. There are also self-tie details on the waist and wrists for a more chic look. This tunic is available in black and brown. Because the colors tend to be neutral, you can combine them with your favorite pants and hijab, dear.

3. Tunic Pockets Details

Tunic Pockets Details

Look effortless chic with the LUVY MIDI SHIRT. This tunic has a pocket detail on the front so it still looks attractive even though it's plain. The soft lilac color gives off a sweet and elegant impression. Besides being able to accompany your casual style, you can still use this tunic for your office, dear. You can mix and match with white or beige culottes according to your taste.

4. Tunic the ribbon accent layer

Tunic the ribbon accent layer

Next is HIJUP ESSENTIALS, namely Izna Ribbon Tunic. This plain tunic has detailed ribbons on the side of the shirt. The design is simple but still looks gorgeous. You can pair this tunic with white or brown pants. Don't forget to combine it with a matching hijab, dear.

5. Ruffle tunic

Ruffle tunic

The last recommendation is Safiyya Tunik from Radwah. The ruffle detail on this tunic gives a feminine but more standout impression. There are details on the front buttons which are of course busui-friendly. This tunic also has 2 other color choices that can be adjusted to your favorite color, dear.

So, are you a plain tunic team or a motive tunic team? Plain tunics are also interesting to mix and match, right? Come on, have all the collections only at!
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Monday, March 29, 2021

Scrunchie, Hijab Style Accessory

Scrunchie, Hijab Style Accessory

Hijab users are now getting easier in creating a perfect and charming look. In addition to the increasing number of new accessory models such as hijab brooches, safety pins, to tuspins. Currently, there is also an accessory called the scrunchie hijab.

What is a hijab scrunchie? A scrunchie is an elastic hair tie made from a cloth that is used to tie medium to long hair types. At first, the scrunchie was worn only as a hair tie. However, along with the development of the hijab trend, now scrunchies are also being worn as hijab accessories.

Scrunchie Hijab

Scrunchie itself is often known as the hair bun. This hijab accessory was originally designed so that when the hair is covered, the hijab looks neater and does not come out. Later, a hijab scrunchie was also worn to give volume to the back of the hijab style.

Scrunchie hijab

Scrunchie hijab is indeed able to support the appearance of a hijab. The touch of the volume of the come off at the back of the hair is able to present a more leveled impression and the hijab is more organized.

Scrunchie hijab

Currently, there are various kinds of hijab cepol models, including plain scrunchies, satin scrunchies, motif scrunchies, velvet scrunchies, and pearl scrunchies. All you have to do is choose according to your needs.

Hijab scrunchies are chosen not only because they are able to support one's appearance. Scrunchies are also worn because they are considered more comfortable and do not cause dizziness when worn.

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Dress Recommendations for Daily Styles

Dress Recommendations for Daily Styles

Dress is one of the fashion items that have been mixed and matched. You only need the appropriate hijab and you can immediately get a beautiful outfit without having to bother. Dress also has lots of choices that you can adjust to your daily style.
Whether it's a formal, casual event, or even just for a work from home outfit, you can just wear a dress. HIJUP has recommendations for various dresses that you can use for your everyday look! Are you curious about the recommendations? Listen below, yes!

1. Plain Dress

Plain Dress

The type that is safest for many people is a plain dress. Besides being easy to mix and match, plain dresses are also suitable for your casual style. Addin's Zubaidah Abaya has detailed front buttons and side pockets on the dress. You can mix and match this dress with plain hijabs or motifs, according to your taste, dear.

2. Dress Motif

Dress Motif

Want to appear more standout? Use a patterned dress. Patterned dresses make your appearance more contrasting but still stylish. The beautiful flower motifs on this Salia Dress give off a chic and feminine impression. You can use this dress for semi-formal events too, dress. Just adjust it to your favorite plain hijab, and you're ready to go!

3. A-line Dress

A-line Dress

A-line dress can be your choice if you want to give the impression of a slimmer body. This a-line cut also makes you look taller, you know! Apart from having a-line details, this Anemone Dress from HIJUP ESSENTIALS also has ruffle details for an effortless stylish look. You can mix and match with plain or patterned hijabs. You can make this dress as an outfit to the office or hangout too, dear.

4. Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

Have a formal event to attend? You can use all wrap dress. The all wrap detail on this dress can give a classic and glamorous impression. Juwairiyah Abaya from Zesalicious has several color choices, one of which is black-burgundy. You can use this dress to attend important events, such as weddings. It is enough to combine it with a matching colored hijab to match the color of your dress.

5. Home Dress

Home Dress

The last recommendation is a dress that you can use even if you don't leave the house. This Neira Dress from Rayaainun has a short sleeve detail and a busui friendly front button. This home dress has comfortable materials to accompany your activities at home. This dress also has 5 color choices that you can customize with your favorite color, dear.

Which dress do you like the most, huh? Or just want to buy a dress to complete your wardrobe? Have all the best dress collections only at, dear!
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History of the Tie Dye Motif

History of the Tie Dye Motif

Have you ever heard of tie dye? Actually, what is meant by tie-dye? Tie dye is a modern term coined to describe a dyeing technique that includes folding, twisting, and tying the fabric using string or rubber.

History of the Tie Dye Motif

This process will produce different motifs depending on the folding and binding. Contrary to popular belief, tie dye motifs were not invented in America in 1960. In fact, the start time of the tie dye technique is much longer than that. The earliest examples of tie dye motifs were found in Peru in the year 500. The designs on the fabric include circles and stripes in bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green.

China and Japan developed this technique in the sixth century. Silk has been discovered and is a suitable material for this dyeing technique. Not only in East Asia, this technique has also spread to Southeast Asia. In Japan, this technique is called shibori, while in Indonesia it is called the jumputan technique. The shibori technique uses a method of fastening the wood which is fastened with rope or thread

Simple Mocca Cardigan

Currently, this coloring technique uses synthetic dyes that are easy to use, durable, and fast coloring. However, when this technique was discovered, the craftsmen used natural dyes extracted from nature.

Sources of dye include roots, berries, flowers and leaves. Until now, these materials are still used by craftsmen who support organic coloring and fashion.

The fabrics used for coloring usually use fabrics from natural materials. This is because natural fabrics will hold color better than synthetic fabrics.

History of the Tie Dye Motif

This tie dyeing technique also began to develop in western Africa. The dyes used in this technique mostly use the indigo color which is popular in Nigeria.

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The tie dye technique applied in Africa is slightly different, namely by embroidering the part of the fabric that you want to form a pattern and then dyeing it in the dye. After the dye is tied to the fabric, the embroidery threads are removed.

Tie dye was known in the western world in 1909 by a Columbia University professor. Although shibori and jumputan were often used in western countries before 1960, these techniques and motifs became famous only in the 1960s when they were used by rockstar Janis Joplin.

Currently tie dye is back in popularity and in the middle of a trend because of its low price and attractive motifs. In addition, the tie dye motif has become a symbol of anti-conflict, understanding and peace. Then what about jumputan, a tie dye technique from Indonesia?

Jumputan is a technique for dyeing fabric by tying, pressing, or sewing to get a specific motif. There are 2 techniques for creating jumputan. The first technique is the tie technique and the second is the suture technique.

The binding technique is done by tying a pinch of cloth with string or rubber tightly so that the dye solution cannot seep into the bond. After soaking, the bonds are removed and will produce a certain motif. The stitching technique is done by forming a pattern by folding or twisting the fabric first, which is then followed by sewing at a certain point tightly. After soaking, the stitches are removed and the motifs that are formed will appear. The use of this jumputan technique is widely developed in the Palembang, South Kalimantan, Java and Bali areas.
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Knit Cardigan

Knit Cardigan

The rainy season doesn't seem over yet! In situations and changing seasons, you definitely need a day savior to stay warm and stylish throughout the day.

Knit cardigans or knitted cardigans can certainly be a mainstay. The model is simple, of course, easy to mix and match. Not only that, the current cardigan is also designed with a lighter material, so you can still use it when summer arrives.

1. Pastel Classic Cardigan

Pastel Classic Cardigan

Looking cute with a cardigan is just right. About that, you can rely on a collection of lilac cardigans that can produce a soft and charming impression.

2. Simple Mocca Cardigan

Simple Mocca Cardigan

3. Two-tone Cardigan

Two-tone Cardigan

It's time for you to be playful with a two-tone cardigan. You just have to mix it with the basic top and get ready to look simply stylish.
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How to mix and match a long vest

How to mix and match a long vest 

Looking fashionable doesn't always have to be complicated, one way to create a style statement is to use a long vest collection or what is also known as a long vest.

The vest collection is indeed suitable for hijabers. The loose model can cover the curves of the body. In addition, it can also serve to warm and make the style more stylish. Are you looking to refresh your style with a vest collection? Check out the tips below!

1. Pair it with a Plisket Skirt for a Feminine Style

1. Pair it with a Plisket Skirt for a Feminine Style

For those of you who like to be feminine, you can try pairing a long vest with a basic top and your favorite plisket skirt. Looks fashionable and cute.

2. Give an attractive impression with a motive boss
Give an attractive impression with a motive boss

Afraid to look monotonous when wearing a vest? You can try to use a motif top as a mix. In order not to give the impression of being excessive, use a plain hijab.

3. Appear in Contrast with Matching Light Color Shirts

3. Appear in Contrast with Matching Light Color Shirts

In addition to a collection of motif tops, you can also try to present a contrasting impression with bright tops like orange or yellow. Perfect the appearance of matching culottes and hijab pants.

4. Create a Stunning Impression with Matching Outfits

Create a Stunning Impression with Matching Outfits

The easiest trick in creating a stunning appearance is to wear matching clothes, in this case you can try matching vests and pastel colored pants that look cute.

5. Choose Two-tone Vest For Free Style from the Impression of Monotony

5. Choose Two-tone Vest For Free Style from the Impression of Monotony

Are you bored with the same style? Come on, explore your mix and match style by choosing a two-tone vest to create a statement.
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