Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Clothes that are suitable for disguising large sleeves

Clothes that are suitable for disguising large sleeves

Having certain body parts that are bigger sometimes makes us confused about choosing clothes. One-wrong choice, it will highlight what we want to cover up. HIJUP has several recommendations for clothes that are suitable for owners of big sleeves, you know! Are you curious about the clothes? Listen below, yes!

1. Oversized shirt

Oversized shirt

For those of you who have big sleeves, oversized shirts can be your best friend! Besides making your appearance more stylish, oversized shirts are also comfortable to use. Even though Aeri Top from Legan has contrasting colors, you can combine it with your favorite jeans or plain pants! This dress is perfect 
for your daily casual style, dear.

2. Ruffle Tunic

Ruffle Tunic

Want to appear more feminine? You can use the Tunic ruffle. The tunic with ruffle details on the shoulders will make the illusion of your arms appear smaller. Apart from that, the ruffle details also give off an effortless chic impression. Kaira Gingham from Marra Indonesia also has a contrasting tartan motif, you can mix it with white pants and a matching hijab.

3. Patterned Shirt

Patterned Shirt

Look more stylish with a shirt pattern. Wearing a patterned shirt will make other people focus more on the shirt than on your arms. This Palms Shirt from LoveTicia has an attractive leaf motif with a touch of navy. This shirt is easy to mix and match with gray or cream bottoms. Don't forget to mix it with a matching hijab, huh!

4. Blazer


The fashion item that you must have is a blazer. Besides being able to make your appearance effortless stylish, a blazer can also make your arms less prominent. Like the Riyumi Outer Mannequin collection here. The design is simple but still gives a classy effect. This blazer is suitable for your outfit to the office or accompany you for other formal events.

5. Cardigan


The last fashion item that you shouldn't miss is a cardigan! Cardigans are easy to mix and match if you're bored with the clothes you have. This Ulani Outer from Bellissima can be your choice, you know! You can mix and match the stripes with contrasting details and neutral colors with your favorite plain clothes. Relax, this cardigan will not make your arms look big, really.


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