Monday, March 29, 2021

Dress Recommendations for Daily Styles

Dress Recommendations for Daily Styles

Dress is one of the fashion items that have been mixed and matched. You only need the appropriate hijab and you can immediately get a beautiful outfit without having to bother. Dress also has lots of choices that you can adjust to your daily style.
Whether it's a formal, casual event, or even just for a work from home outfit, you can just wear a dress. HIJUP has recommendations for various dresses that you can use for your everyday look! Are you curious about the recommendations? Listen below, yes!

1. Plain Dress

Plain Dress

The type that is safest for many people is a plain dress. Besides being easy to mix and match, plain dresses are also suitable for your casual style. Addin's Zubaidah Abaya has detailed front buttons and side pockets on the dress. You can mix and match this dress with plain hijabs or motifs, according to your taste, dear.

2. Dress Motif

Dress Motif

Want to appear more standout? Use a patterned dress. Patterned dresses make your appearance more contrasting but still stylish. The beautiful flower motifs on this Salia Dress give off a chic and feminine impression. You can use this dress for semi-formal events too, dress. Just adjust it to your favorite plain hijab, and you're ready to go!

3. A-line Dress

A-line Dress

A-line dress can be your choice if you want to give the impression of a slimmer body. This a-line cut also makes you look taller, you know! Apart from having a-line details, this Anemone Dress from HIJUP ESSENTIALS also has ruffle details for an effortless stylish look. You can mix and match with plain or patterned hijabs. You can make this dress as an outfit to the office or hangout too, dear.

4. Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

Have a formal event to attend? You can use all wrap dress. The all wrap detail on this dress can give a classic and glamorous impression. Juwairiyah Abaya from Zesalicious has several color choices, one of which is black-burgundy. You can use this dress to attend important events, such as weddings. It is enough to combine it with a matching colored hijab to match the color of your dress.

5. Home Dress

Home Dress

The last recommendation is a dress that you can use even if you don't leave the house. This Neira Dress from Rayaainun has a short sleeve detail and a busui friendly front button. This home dress has comfortable materials to accompany your activities at home. This dress also has 5 color choices that you can customize with your favorite color, dear.

Which dress do you like the most, huh? Or just want to buy a dress to complete your wardrobe? Have all the best dress collections only at, dear!


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