Sunday, March 28, 2021

Girly Style with Pastel Clothes Collection

Girly Style with Pastel Clothes Collection

You must be a pastel lover, right? Bright pastel colors can be a color choice for you to wear during casual moments. The color is calm and sweet, it can make you excited when you are on the move, you know, Dear. Pastel colors are highly recommended for women's favorite outfits.
Pastel colors also make you look elegant and girly. The warm color is very popular with all ages. No wonder this color is so popular. Let's take a look, the recommendation for clothes with pastel colors from HIJUP Magazine!

1. Pink

Pink color is not far from feminine, this color is owned by most women. Pink color with a little peach can be your choice in dress. This color can also make your skin look lighter, you know, Dear. You can mix and match with another outfit in brown.

2. Light Yellow

Light Yellow

Use yellow, why not? Soft yellow color can be your choice to be used in various activities this summer. Outside the weather supports traveling and for those of you who are confident in wearing yellow, you can really use this color 

2. Mint Green

Mint Green

Mint green is a dusty green color. The cool mint green color can give you positive energy, you know, Dear. This color is also a favorite color today because it gives a refreshing impression. Don't forget to mix and match with hijab colors like gray.

3. Cream or Nude

Cream or Nude

Cream is a soothing color. This calm cream color is one of the pastel colors used in various moments. The light color can make your skin look bright, you know, Dear. You can also mix and match this color with other pastel colors.

5. Light Blue

Light Blue

Who doesn't like blue? This unisex color must be your choice in dressing. However, the light blue color makes you look feminine and graceful. You can wear light blue everyday and you can mix and match navy blue for the hijab or subordinates you wear.


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