Monday, March 29, 2021

Knit Cardigan

Knit Cardigan

The rainy season doesn't seem over yet! In situations and changing seasons, you definitely need a day savior to stay warm and stylish throughout the day.

Knit cardigans or knitted cardigans can certainly be a mainstay. The model is simple, of course, easy to mix and match. Not only that, the current cardigan is also designed with a lighter material, so you can still use it when summer arrives.

1. Pastel Classic Cardigan

Pastel Classic Cardigan

Looking cute with a cardigan is just right. About that, you can rely on a collection of lilac cardigans that can produce a soft and charming impression.

2. Simple Mocca Cardigan

Simple Mocca Cardigan

3. Two-tone Cardigan

Two-tone Cardigan

It's time for you to be playful with a two-tone cardigan. You just have to mix it with the basic top and get ready to look simply stylish.


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