Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Plain Tunic for Daily Style

Plain Tunic for Daily Style

Tunics can be one of the favorite fashion items for those of you who wear hijab. Apart from being easy to mix and match, tunics are also comfortable to use for everyday styles. For those of you who like plain clothes, HIJUP has recommendations for plain tunics to accompany your daily style, you know! You can use it to hangout or go to the office. Even though it's plain, the recommendations from HIJUP will not bore you with the choices. Curious? Listen below, yes!

1. Two-tone tunic

Two-tone tunic

First, there is Radwah's Twotone Tunic Vaira. This tunic has a unique design with two tone color details. Simple but still looks stylish. You can pair it with pants that have one of the colors of this tunic, or your favorite neutral color. This tunic also has a busui friendly front zipper detail. There are several color choices too, you know!

2. Dark Color Tunic

Dark Color Tunic

For those of you who like dark colors, you can try Nerisa Tunic. This tunic has ruffle details on the sleeves that give it a sweet impression. There are also self-tie details on the waist and wrists for a more chic look. This tunic is available in black and brown. Because the colors tend to be neutral, you can combine them with your favorite pants and hijab, dear.

3. Tunic Pockets Details

Tunic Pockets Details

Look effortless chic with the LUVY MIDI SHIRT. This tunic has a pocket detail on the front so it still looks attractive even though it's plain. The soft lilac color gives off a sweet and elegant impression. Besides being able to accompany your casual style, you can still use this tunic for your office, dear. You can mix and match with white or beige culottes according to your taste.

4. Tunic the ribbon accent layer

Tunic the ribbon accent layer

Next is HIJUP ESSENTIALS, namely Izna Ribbon Tunic. This plain tunic has detailed ribbons on the side of the shirt. The design is simple but still looks gorgeous. You can pair this tunic with white or brown pants. Don't forget to combine it with a matching hijab, dear.

5. Ruffle tunic

Ruffle tunic

The last recommendation is Safiyya Tunik from Radwah. The ruffle detail on this tunic gives a feminine but more standout impression. There are details on the front buttons which are of course busui-friendly. This tunic also has 2 other color choices that can be adjusted to your favorite color, dear.

So, are you a plain tunic team or a motive tunic team? Plain tunics are also interesting to mix and match, right? Come on, have all the collections only at HIJUP.com!


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