Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Reasons You Should Try Block Heels

Reasons You Should Try Block Heels

One of the most important investments you can make this year is collecting block heels. These shoes and sandals have varied heights like other heels. Starting from low heels like kitten heels to high heels like stilettos. What distinguishes it from other heels is the shape of the heels that are boxy or resemble a thick block.

Forget shoes and sandals with pencil, cone, or needle-shaped heels and try block heels.

Not like stilettos that make your feet sore and sore. For those of you who are not used to wearing heels or sandals, you can start experimenting with using these block heels. Then what makes block heels so popular and is a trend today? Here are the advantages of block heels that you must know

1. On-Trend


Around the 90s, block heels had become a trend for young career women. However, as the heyday of block heels that year went on, they were defeated by the appearance of stilettos that were considered more elegant and beautiful. Currently, block heels are back to their glory. It is even known that Coco Chanel, the founder of fashion giant Chanel, used to wear block heels for her activities. Then what makes you not immediately collect and use it?

2. Stable and Visible Levels

Stable and Visible Levels
With a height of about 2 inches in the block heels that you wear, you have provided more stability to your body than using kitten heels of the same height. In addition, by using block heels, your posture will be more formed and better than when you wear ballet flats.

3. The Best Friend of Activity

The Best Friend of Activity

Block heels have a thick heel that can provide maximum comfort. You no longer need to bring extra shoes when you go to the office. By wearing block heels, you can look comfortable and confident all day long. Comfortable to use for casual and formal events.

4. Easy to mix and match

Easy to mix and match

Shoes or sandals of this type can instantly enhance your appearance. Your look can be refreshed by combining block heels and denim. You can get a firm and elegant look in an instant, simply combine block heels with a jacket or blazer. For an adult look, you can combine block heels with a monochrome outfit. As for the bold edgy style, you can combine it with flashy motifs.

5. Maximum comfort

Maximum comfort

Did you know that the glory of stilettos and pump shoes is starting to decline? But for you fans of heels, you don't need to worry because block heels will continue to be a trend. Shoes and sandals of this type can provide confidence, beautiful posture, and comfort for movement that other types of heels cannot provide.

So, are you getting interested in block heels and want to collect them right away?


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