Monday, March 29, 2021

Scrunchie, Hijab Style Accessory

Scrunchie, Hijab Style Accessory

Hijab users are now getting easier in creating a perfect and charming look. In addition to the increasing number of new accessory models such as hijab brooches, safety pins, to tuspins. Currently, there is also an accessory called the scrunchie hijab.

What is a hijab scrunchie? A scrunchie is an elastic hair tie made from a cloth that is used to tie medium to long hair types. At first, the scrunchie was worn only as a hair tie. However, along with the development of the hijab trend, now scrunchies are also being worn as hijab accessories.

Scrunchie Hijab

Scrunchie itself is often known as the hair bun. This hijab accessory was originally designed so that when the hair is covered, the hijab looks neater and does not come out. Later, a hijab scrunchie was also worn to give volume to the back of the hijab style.

Scrunchie hijab

Scrunchie hijab is indeed able to support the appearance of a hijab. The touch of the volume of the come off at the back of the hair is able to present a more leveled impression and the hijab is more organized.

Scrunchie hijab

Currently, there are various kinds of hijab cepol models, including plain scrunchies, satin scrunchies, motif scrunchies, velvet scrunchies, and pearl scrunchies. All you have to do is choose according to your needs.

Hijab scrunchies are chosen not only because they are able to support one's appearance. Scrunchies are also worn because they are considered more comfortable and do not cause dizziness when worn.


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