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The difference between jackets, cardigans and sweaters

The difference between jackets, cardigans and sweaters

Jackets, cardigans and sweaters are garments designed and manufactured to cover the upper body from the belly to the wrists. Apart from covering the body, the three fashion items are also designed to warm the body.

Although it is often considered the same by most people, there are some basic differences that distinguish the three. And it is because of this ignorance that many people make the wrong choice between jackets, cardigans and sweaters.

Mistakes in choosing will not occur if you know the differences between the three and understand more deeply. For those of you who are confused about what kind of warm clothes to choose, you can make your choice based on the differences in the following jackets, cardigans, and sweaters.



A jacket is a garment designed with the aim of covering the upper body with an open front. A jacket is usually made of woven fabric and can be used for those of you who need warm outerwear. Along with the development of fashion, currently jackets are designed with more diverse materials such as polyester or parachute.

However, jackets can not only be used to warm up during cold weather. You can still use a jacket for hot weather by choosing a jacket made from thin and light. Jackets are also a flexible fashion item for various events ranging from casual to formal events. In terms of details, jackets usually use a zipper on the front.

2. Cardigan


Initially, the cardigan was a military jacket with long sleeves made of knitted wool and fringed on the front. The history of the origin of the word cardigan is because this jacket was used by British army officers during the Crimean war which was during the reign of Earl of Cardigan VII. In the 20th century, the cardigan evolved with a collarless model which was an adaptation for casual sportswear.
After that, cardigans became popular and were worn for everyday wear. Knitwear manufacturers produce them in a variety of styles using pure wool or blended wool, complete with buttons and long sleeves.
Cardigans have become more and more popular since they were popularized by Chanel during the 1920s to 1930s. In the 1950s, there was a cardigan model with a button on the back.

3. Sweaters

Sweater Tie Dye

A sweater is a fashion item made from knitted yarn, manually or with a knitting machine. There are many different types and designs of a sweater.

This fashion item has been popular for a long time and is never timeless. Sweaters come in various designs ranging from classic to modern styles, with various colors and patterns.

Usually, sweaters do not have buttons or zippers and are worn by tucking them directly over the head. Because they are made of knitted wool, sweaters are usually thicker and heavier than jackets. This makes sweaters more suitable to wear during cold weather. Sweaters also have a variety of collars, ranging from round collars, V collars, to high collars.

Those are some of the characters and the differences between jackets, cardigans and sweaters. If you choose which one? Choose a jacket, cardigan, or sweater?


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