Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Tips for a relaxed and chic style by Eileen Lahi

Tips for a relaxed and chic style by Eileen Lahi

When looking for outfit inspiration from influencers, there is no end. One of the influencers from Qatar, Eileen Lahi, who likes to share her outfit of the day through her Instagram account.

Besides sharing outfit inspiration, Eileen also likes to share about food and traveling on the @eslimah account. HIJUP has several outfit recommendations for those of you who want to look effortless chic. Curious? Listen below, yes!

1. Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

Do you like to wear dresses? Wrap dress can be an option to look feminine! Dress is one of Eileen's favorite fashion items. By combining a gray dress and neutral pashmina, Eileen's look looks feminine but still looks relaxed. Don't forget to complete it with a bag and white heels so that the outfit is more chic.

2. Yellow Blouse

Yellow Blouse

Look fresher with bright colored clothes! Like the yellow blouse Eileen wore. A yellow blouse is best combined with white subordinates so that the outfit looks fresh and stylish. You can also combine the hijab with a neutral color or printed scarf according to your taste. Loh!

3. Matching Set

Matching Set

Matching set is suitable for all styles. Can be used for a formal or casual look. For a casual look, choose a sleeveless matching set so that it can be paired with cuffs that give a relaxed impression. Like this Eileen outfit. He combines a white blouse with a matching set, complete with white sneakers for a more modest look.

4. Formal Co-Ord Outfit

Formal Co-Ord Outfit

You can also use Co-Ords for casual to semi-formal looks. Choose a soft color to give a light impression. Co-Ords can be combined with a neutral colored blouse suitable for your outfit to the office. Like the outfit Eileen wears, it looks formal but not too stiff. You can complete it with your favorite hand bag and neutral colored heels to complete your outfit. No need to bother to mix and match anymore.

5. Blue Skirt

Blue Skirt

Bored with the same skirt color? Try it, occasionally use a blue skirt. The blue color will make your appearance more effortless chic. You can combine a pastel blue skirt with a white blouse. Don't forget to use a hijab with a neutral color, dear!


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