Thursday, April 8, 2021

2021 Color Trends Outfit Inspiration

 2021 Color Trends Outfit Inspiration

1. Plain Blouse

Plain Blouse

Plain blouses are always easy to mix and match. This Shafa Blouse from Fey Attire has a plain motif that is suitable for your simple style. The ruffle details on the waist and sleeves give off an effortless chic impression. A touch of mustard color also gives a calm impression for you to hesitate to use bright yellow, but it still gives a fresh impression to your outfit. You can use this blouse for college or office!

2. Blouse Motif

Blouse Motif

For those of you who want to look more attractive, you can use Kirana Blouse here. The detail of this cute floral motif and the combination of yellow and white will refresh your style at the beginning of the year. Kirana Blouse is also equipped with busui friendly front buttons, you know. You can mix and match this blouse with just a hijab and plain pants.

3. Tunic Motif

Tunic Motif

Are you a tunic fan? This means that you must have a Gray Printed Gajda in 2021. This tunic has a touch of soft gray and is completed with beautiful motif details. The motif is also decorated with a contrasting yellow color, perfect for inspiring the 2021 color trend. This tunic also has front buttons which are certainly busui friendly.

4. Printed Long Dress

Printed Long Dress

It's not complete if you haven't completed your wardrobe with a dress. This Ghaliya Dress from Naz_label is made of silk which gives a formal and luxurious impression. The gray color is also complemented by beautiful motifs and a touch of yellow. You just need to add a plain hijab in neutral colors and you already have an outfit for this formal event.

5. Gray Matching Sets

Gray Matching Sets

Matching set is the easiest outfit for you to mix and match. Besides you can use it to go to the office, you can also use it to accompany your work from home days. The plain motif makes it easy for you to combine the printed hijab or plain hijab with matching colors.


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