Wednesday, April 14, 2021

5 Fashionable Matching Sets for a Stylish Look

 5 Fashionable Matching Sets for a Stylish Look

Matching sets or suits are indeed becoming the prima donna in the world of fashion. Apart from the various models, the matching set is also very suitable for carrying out daily activities from traveling, shopping, to going to work.

Matching sets also make it easier for you to mix and match clothes because you don't have to bother thinking about what to wear a top or bottom because the matching set provides everything.

For those of you who want to use a matching set in a variety of activities to make it look stylish, let's take a look at some of the most fashionable HIJUP Magazine matching set recommendations that you can wear.

1. Square Pajama Sets

Square Pajama Sets

Love the simple but stylish square model? Just try to wear something that matches this set. Even though the name is pajamas, this matching set from Malaika can not only be used for sleeping, but also to accompany you in doing various kinds of activities, from important things to just relaxing at home.

2. Match Printed Sets

Match Printed Sets

Want a super cool and comfortable matching set? Just use the Arisha Set from Covering Story! With charming details, this matching set can be your choice for activities. Suits that come in various colors can also be combined with matching hijabs.

3. Suit Motif

Suit Motif

Unique colors and motifs on clothes can add to the fun when you do various activities. A colorful suit can be your choice to wear to various places from formal to casual. With a different style from other matching sets, you can look stylish immediately.

4. Plain Suit

Plain Suit

A plain suit is indeed the most suitable to accompany your various activities. Even though it looks simple, you can combine this matching set with a rectangular hijab or pashmina motif that will immediately support your appearance.

5. Tartan Set

Tartan Set

Patterned matching sets do present a distinct impression when you wear them. You can use this motif suit to do any activity, you only need to combine this suit with a matching plain hijab.


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