Thursday, April 15, 2021

5 Hijab Recommendations When Work From Home

5 Hijab Recommendations When Work From Home

The pandemic has indeed limited our activities a lot, including in terms of work. Due to the pandemic, some of us are required to carry out social restrictions such as Work From Home to prevent us from being infected with the virus.

Work From Home or WFH makes us do a lot of activities and complete various kinds of office affairs at home. Don't worry, for those of you who are WFH and attend many online meetings and webinars.

1. Yumna Hijab Sportwear

Yumna Hijab Sportwear

This sportwear hijab is not only comfortable to wear when you are WFH or doing regular activities, but also very suitable for use when you want to exercise. This hijab sportwear collection is lightweight and absorbs sweat easily.

2. Daily Instant Hijab Square

Daily Instant Hijab Square

This instant shawl from Vervessa has a material that is very soft and comfortable to use to accompany you to do WFH. With its simple model without needing to wear a needle or tie it up, you can immediately put it on without having to be complicated anymore.

3. New Insta Hijab

New Insta Hijab
This Bergo is able to make you look stylish to do various activities at home, especially for WFH. This Bergo is also very comfortable to use because it has a detailed tie and cool material.

4. Cyra Hijab Mask

Cyra Hijab Mask

This hijab is equipped with a simple and comfortable design to wear for various occasions. With the material that is not translucent, you can wear this hijab without having to wear ciput again.

5. Sporty Khimar

Sporty Khimar

This Khimar has light materials and various colors. Not only that, with its long model that covers your chest, you don't need to be afraid that the hijab will be exposed because your genitals will be completely covered.


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