Monday, April 12, 2021

5 Latest Pashmina Models for Various Styles

 5 Latest Pashmina Models for Various Styles

Pashmina is indeed a favorite hijab for women that is simple and easy to use. No need like a rectangular hijab which is quite difficult to use, pashmina can still be used only in a simple style.
Pashmina comes with various models and designs that you can use according to the outfit you want to wear everyday.

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1. Pashmina Plain

Pashmina Plain

Plain pashmina seems to be one of the items that are sought after by women because the model is simple but still fits well with any outfit. Plain pashmina also usually comes in a variety of varied colors and can be adjusted to the color of the clothes you are using.

2. Pashmina Rawis

Pashmina Rawis

Pashmina rawis has its own uniqueness thanks to its beautiful edge stitching. This pashmina usually comes with comfortable materials and is easy to shape as you wish.

3. Pashmina Pleats

Pashmina Pleats

Pashmina pleats have an attractive model and give a feminine impression. You can also use this Pashmina to add a stylish impression and enhance your appearance to make it look extraordinary.

4. Pashmina Pleats

Pashmina Pleats

Not only the rectangular hijab that has a motive, Pashmina does not want to be outdone by also presenting a patterned model. Just mix this pashmina motif with a plain outfit that will captivate the eyes of anyone who sees it.

5. Pashmina Crinkle

Pashmina Crinkle

This Pashmina is deliberately made a little 'crumpled' for an anti-mainstream look. This pashmina crinkle model can immediately support your hijab appearance, you know. Just mix pashmina crinkle with an outfit that is suitable for a formal or casual look.


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