Monday, April 19, 2021

5 Latest Syar'i Square Hijab Models

 5 Latest Syar'i Square Hijab Models

Who likes to wear hijab syar'i? Nowadays there are more and more Muslim women wearing the syar'i hijab for their daily activities, wearing the syar'i hijab is not only for Muslim studies or events. Dressing in syar'i has become a lifestyle to cover one's genitals perfectly. With a wide hijab and syar'i is a way to cover the genitals thoroughly and tightly.

Hijab syar'i with a width that is now widely available. The easier it is for Muslim women to cover their genitals thoroughly.

1. Hijab Buttonscarves

Hijab Buttonscarves

Buttonscarves have a wider collection than usual. The XL size is suitable for those of you who are syar'i style. Scarf from Buttonscarves supports you to look stylish and still syar'i everyday with beautiful printed.

2. Plain Hijab DIARIO

Plain Hijab DIARIO

Plain scarf is definitely a must-have for you, right, Dear? It is undeniable that this plain hijab can not only be used daily but also the key to a comfortable appearance. DIARIO has a collection of syar'i scarf with a width of 140 x 140 cm and sewing the edges.

3. Naziqa Syar'i Printed Scarf

Naziqa Syar’i Printed Scarf

You can rely on this scarf motif from Naziqa Syar'i in hijab syar'i. With a width of 140 x 140, it still makes you stylish even though it's wide. The motif is also beautiful for you to wear.

4. Hijab Syar'i Kayva

Hijab Syar'i Kayva

Plain Voal is indeed a champion, Dear. A plain hijab is multifunctional to wear on plain or patterned clothing as well. The color also supports it, especially for those of you who wear hijab syar'i, the color choices are calm and sweet. In addition, there are laser cut details that sweeten your appearance.

5. Indonesian Qaf Hijab

Indonesian Qaf Hijab

There is a wider syar'i voal. The brand Qaf Indonesia has a voal with a width of 150 x 150 cm. The lightweight premium voal material is certainly comfortable to wear all day long.


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