Monday, April 26, 2021

5 Most Beautiful Basic Color Blouse Recommendations

5 Most Beautiful Basic Color Blouse Recommendations

Looking beautiful when doing various kinds of activities is indeed a pleasure in itself. Especially if we manage to mix and match the outfit that we will wear. One type of clothing that is easiest to match with other clothes is the blouse.

Blouses are a mainstay when you don't know what to wear. Apart from the various models, blouses are also equipped with a variety of colors that are definitely eye-catching, especially blouses with basic colors that are indeed alluring.

It is such a coincidence! This time we will provide recommendations for the most beautiful basic colored blouses that you can use to accompany your daily activities. Come on, look at the reviews below!

1. Black Blouse

Black Blouse

This Eri Top collection from Imperial can indeed stun anyone. Not only because of the simple model, this Eri Top is also designed with a choice of materials that are comfortable and lightweight when used.

Even though it is available in several different color choices, you can choose the black version to get a neutral but charming impression.

2. Navy Color Blouse

Navy Color Blouse

Covering Story is like constantly releasing various types of clothes that can make you look beautiful instantly, one of which is a blouse called Nimitha Top.

Nimitha Top is not a blouse carelessly. With its unique combination of models and accents, you can combine this blouse with trousers or even a skirt to get the look you want.

3.  Cream Color Blouse

Cream Color Blouse

Lenaya Blouse from is indeed a blouse with a simple model, but it still looks elegant when you see it.

With the quality of the materials and the models are amazingly beautiful, you can do this blouse to accompany you in doing your daily activities.

4. White Blouse

White Blouse

re-launched unique and classy women's clothing, namely Kanaya Blouse with its broken white color.

With its plain motifs, you can combine this blouse with long pants or skirts, and even any hijab style according to your taste.

5. Blouse Gray Color

Blouse Gray Color

Thanks to this aesthetic blouse model, you can show your best side just by using this blouse.
Just try to mix this blouse with long pants or skirts, you will immediately get the elegant look you want.
So, those are the 5 best basic color blouse recommendations from us. Good luck, Dear!


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