Monday, April 12, 2021

5 Most Cool and Comfortable Ciput Recommendations

5 Most Cool and Comfortable Ciput Recommendations 

Using ciput or inner is indeed done to prevent your hair from being seen or exposed when you are wearing a hijab. So, it must be hot if you use ciput? Obviously not.

Not all ciput are made from materials that make you stifling or don't absorb sweat. There are also some of the best ciput you must wear when you want to wear a hijab for your daily activities. The following HIJUP Magazine will recommend the most comfortable ciput or inner that you can use anytime and anywhere. Curious? Check out the reviews below!

1. Ninna Inner Bandana

Ninna Inner Bandana

Basic is indeed constantly launching various kinds of the best hijab collections. Not only that, Basic also issued ciput as an inner covering for wearing the hijab, one of which is the Ninna Inner Bandana.

This ciput is equipped with a cool material and is very comfortable to wear on any hijab from rectangles to pashmina.

2. Laila Bandana

Laila Bandana

This chippy from Laviolet Clothing is not only comfortable to wear when you are doing activities at home, but it is also very suitable to wear if you want to work and exercise.

3.Antem Ninja

Antem Ninja

If usually ciput ninja feels hot and uncomfortable, you won't find this on this one ninja ciput. This Antem Ninja from Hijabestie is lightweight and absorbs sweat easily.

4. Premium Anysa Inner Knit

Premium Anysa Inner Knit

This Ciput has a very soft material and is comfortable to use to accompany your various activities. With the rubber which is thin but still strong, you can wear this ciput without having to be afraid to come off.

5. Rayya Ciput

Rayya Ciput

Want to wear ciput with self-ties that won't be too tight on your head? Just try wearing Rayya Ciput from Malaika. With a light material that absorbs sweat, you can use this ciput in any occasion.


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