Thursday, April 15, 2021

5 robes that are suitable for pregnant women

 5 robes that are suitable for pregnant women

Pregnancy is the happiest and most exciting moment because soon you will have a baby. However, pregnancy can also be "tricky" because you have to prepare everything very well, including the clothes you will wear during pregnancy.

When pregnant, you need to wear comfortable clothes and of course not make it hot so you can still do activities as usual.

1. Gamis Motif

Gamis Motif

This one motif robe is perfect for use when you are pregnant. While pregnant, you may still be doing your usual activities. Therefore, you need a motif robe with a light material that is able to absorb sweat well.

2. Long Dress Plain

Long Dress Plain

Don't worry about the robe that makes it difficult for you to move. Aghnia Dress is made with high quality materials and is very suitable for those of you who are pregnant, which of course will not interfere with your movements. You can still look stylish with a variety of color choices that can be tailored to your personality.

3. Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress

Do you like to look good even though you are pregnant? Just try wearing this Alicia Homey Dress from Zahra Signature. With a simple model, you can still look fashionable and confident even though you are pregnant.

4. Paterrned Long Dress

Paterrned Long Dress

For you pregnant women who like a beautiful look through a touch of motifs, you can wear this one robe. With its light and cool material, you can wear it wherever you go, from just traveling to shopping.

5. Front button long dress

Front button long dress


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