Thursday, April 15, 2021

6 Stylish Outfits for the Office

6 Stylish Outfits for the Office

Now suits are trending in the world of fashion. An exact pair of tops and bottoms. Starting from pajamas to clothing sets that can be worn everyday. Even pajamas are now suitable for going out of the house, but don't get them wrong to go to the office.

Even though the cut is the same, of course we can choose which one to wear to the office. You can really wear a suit from work to the office. It's perfect for those of you who don't want to waste time choosing clothes. Instead of confusing mix and match, it's better to choose a suit as work clothes for your office.

1. Ruffle detail settings 

Ruffle detail settings

Do you like ruffle details? The feminine impression of the ruffle details in this plain color suit can be your choice to work at the office. A top and pants suit certainly makes you productive in your activities. You can also really combine it with hijab motifs with matching colors.

2. Full color settings

Full color settings

Full color on clothes can affect your mood, many colors can give joy. A full color suit can be your choice for you to wear to the office. With a combination of motifs and details of the front buttons, you are very flexible in wearing. Skirts as his subordinates are ready to accompany you productively outside the home. And don't worry, you can combine it with a plain hijab in your favorite color.

3. White suit

White suit

Do you like to wear white shirts at work? This white shirt and bottom can be your choice for a formal moment. With a skirt, still maximizing your appearance, Dear. You can also wear a motif hijab for a fresh and stylish appearance.

4. Plain suit

Plain suit

You can use a plain suit for work. Even though it looks plain and simple, this style of suit is still in demand by many people. Combined with a motif scarf will support your appearance.

5. Stripe suit

. Stripe suit

Line motif never dies. For those of you who love stripes, you must wear this motif suit when working in the office. Line motifs can be synonymous with pajamas, but there are also various clothing styles for you to wear to the office. In addition, horizontal stripes can make the wearer look slimmer. You can mix it with plain hijabs or motifs, Dear.

6. The cardigan suit

The cardigan suit

Wear a cardigan, why not? A subordinate suit with a cardigan is also in great demand. You can wear your favorite inner workings, such as shirts, t-shirts, or other tops. Get more stylish with the various mix and match that you apply with a cardigan suit, you know, Dear.


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