Monday, April 5, 2021

A Must-Have Fashion Item for Hijabers for Casual Style

A Must-Have Fashion Item for Hijabers for Casual Style

Outfit for daily style has many options. Apart from clothes, other fashion items can also support you to look stylish with a casual style. HIJUP wants to recommend fashion items that you must have so that your appearance will be more chic for your daily style. Are you curious about the products? Listen below, yes!

1. Sweater


In the rainy season like now, it is important to keep the body warm. Besides being able to protect you from cold temperatures, sweaters are still comfortable to use without feeling too hot. This Oversized Shape Sweater from Jenahara has neutral and plain color details so it's easy for you to combine it with your favorite pants or skirt. The oversized detail is also comfortable for everyday wear.

2. Oversized Blouse

Oversized Blouse

Apart from sweaters, blouses with oversized details are also suitable for your daily style. Like Els'ignature's Vista Tops Maroon. This oversized blouse has detailed two tone colors that are contrasting but still comfortable for everyday wear. You can combine it with a plain hijab or even a printed hijab to look more standout.

3. Matching Sets

Matching Sets

Don't want to bother combining outfits? Matching set is the answer. A suit that is complete with clothes and subordinates makes it easier for you to choose your casual outfit. Lira One Set Cream from is an afterthought with neutral colors and simple details. There are details on the front buttons and sleeves that are “wudu-friendly”, perfect to accompany you all day long. You can combine it with a matching hijab or maroon hijab for a more contrasting look.

4. Knit Cardigans

Knit Cardigans

Outer can always be a complementary fashion item for a more stylish look. After becoming a favorite last year, it turns out that the knit cardigan is still “warm” this year. One of the knit cardigans that can accompany your daily style is the Lovelle Cardigan from Bellissima. Besides having beautiful knitting details, this cardigan also has oversized details that are really comfortable to use all day long. There are seven color choices that you can customize with your favorite color too, you know!

5. Sandals


Apart from wearing comfortable clothes, don't forget to use comfortable footwear too, dear. Miho sandals from Noche can be an option for your casual style, you know. These comfortable sandals still look chic to complement your daily outfit. The neutral color can be adjusted for whatever clothes you mix and match. You can wear these sandals for a hangout or just an OOTD photo to post on your social media.


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