Monday, April 19, 2021

Bergo Hijab Recommendations for Maternity Moments

Bergo Hijab Recommendations for Maternity Moments

The moment of childbirth is the moment that the mother awaits to meet the baby. This moment is both thrilling and time consuming to prepare. For mothers who give birth in the hospital, it is quite a hassle to prepare what to bring. Apart from the baby new born equipment, don't miss the mother's equipment.

Preparing maternal equipment, of course, cannot be arbitrary, huh. This is because it will make it difficult and add to the emotions of new mothers whose physical conditions have not fully recovered.

One that is prepared by mothers who are about to give birth is the hijab with a bergo. This type of bergo hijab is indeed simple and flexible to use at all times, including childbirth. HIJUP Magazine has several recommended choices. Come on, check the recommendations!

1. Rosie Bergo

Rosie Bergo

This light pink colored bergo collection has light material. It is certainly comfortable to wear because there is a detailed back strap. This bergo is quite long and covers the chest, Dear.

2. Calea Bergo

Calea Bergo

The two-layered bergo from Radwah is also light. With Premium Baby Doll material, it remains cool even though it is two layers. The detail of the rope makes you comfortable to wear it everyday, especially during childbirth. The color is good mocca to give calm.

3. Bergo Sameera Hijab Instant Laser Cut

Bergo Sameera Hijab Instant Laser Cut

Bergo with laser cut detail will keep you stylish in your maternity moments. Even so, this bergo is comfortable to wear because of the detail on the rope and the cool Arabian Crepe material.

4. Bergo Basic

Bergo Basic

The Chale brand has a fairly wide Bergo Basic. The Diamond Crepe material is definitely cool everyday use. Don't forget the details of the flexible rope you use.

5. Bergo Alia 

Bergo Alia

DIARIO with Bergo Alia can be the choice of bergo that you use for childbirth moments. The material is light and cool, which is certainly comfortable even if you wear it in the hospital.

6. Bergo Syakira

Bergo Syakira

The pet details on the bergo make your cheeks look thinner. You can really use Bergo Syakira from House of Kartina for your maternity moments. With spandex material, it is definitely cool and light. This bergo is quite wide, so don't worry, Dear!


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