Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Check out Two-tone Outfit Recommendations for a Daily Look

 Check out Two-tone Outfit Recommendations for a Daily Look

Two tone clothing collections are being loved right now. Creating a two tone style in fashion items, can be started from a combination of two colors or motifs. Besides making you stylish, the two tone outfit doesn't make you confused about mixing and matching colors. So, you don't need to be confused about the color of the hijab or scarf. Come on, scroll down to check the recommendations for two tone clothes!

1. Two tone tunic

Two tone tunic

Look cute with an earth tone two-tone tunic. You can mix and match your style with your favorite subordinates. Don't worry, there are many color choices for hijab that you can use, Dear.

2. Two tone blouse

Two tone blouse

Look different with a two tone blouse or shirt. For those of you who are monotonous with one color blouse, you can wear this two-color blouse without having to be confused about choosing the color of the subordinates and the scarf.

3. Two tone sweater

Two tone sweater

Entering the rainy season, a sweater is right. The two tone sweater looks simple but still up to date. You can wear a motif hijab of the same color, Dear.

4. Long dress two tone

Long dress two tone

Wear a two tone dress, why not? Choose a long dress in two contrasting colors to make your look cute. Don't forget to wear a matching scarf color.

5. Long two tone dress for casual

Long two tone dress for casual

Casual style with a long dress, of course you can Dear! Long dress with contrasting color at the bottom. Two tone colors can be the key to looking stylish, you know.

6. Long two tone dress with strap

 Long two tone dress with strap

The two tone color of the straps on the sleeves sweetened the look and added a sense of style to the long dress. The detail of the strap on the waist can add to your feminine appearance.


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