Monday, April 26, 2021

Hijab Model Suitable for Staycation

Hijab Model Suitable for Staycation 

The moment of a staycation or relaxing in a place is indeed able to present a comfortable and relaxed impression. For that, besides needing a choice of clothes that are super comfortable, you also need to use a choice of hijab models that are super comfortable, practical, and have a beautiful model, of course.

1. Hijab Bergo Motif

Hijab Bergo Motif.

Want to look cute while staying comfortable? No need to bother, you only need a collection of hijab motifs with beautiful models like this. To add a comfortable impression, choose a soft color like this.

2. Plain Bergo Hijab

Plain Bergo Hijab.

If you prefer a simpler look, it is most appropriate to use a hijab with a simple and plain style like this. Oh yes, this basic bergo hijab model is also super comfortable and has many color choices, you know!

3. Instant Quad Hijab

Instant Quad Hijab.

Want to look a little tidier without the hassle? Rely on instant hijab scarf collection. Without needing pins or pins, you just need to use an instant rectangular hijab like this

4. Pashmina


You belong to the Pashmina Team? This hijab model is also very comfortable to accompany your staycation moment. Super light, beautiful and practical.

5. Hijab Khimar

Hijab Khimar.

For those of you who want to appear syar'i, choosing a khimar long model like this is perfect for you. Use a khimar hijab with basic color choices to make it easy to mix and match.


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