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Hijab Recommendations for Mother's Day Special Moments

 Hijab Recommendations for Mother's Day Special Moments

Mother's Day which is celebrated every December 22nd is certainly the most special time for many people. A perfect day to show your devotion and love to your mother figure. Not just saying thank you sincerely, of course you also want to prepare Mother's Day gifts to make this special moment even more memorable.

There are so many mother's day gift ideas that you can give, one of which is a wide variety of hijab collections for the mother. The hijab collection offering is not only ready to make your mother look more perfect, but can also be worn again at any occasion. If you are looking for a hijab gift for Mother's Day. Following are the Hijab recommendations from the HIJUP Magazine team for special gifts for Mother's Day moments.

Gift ideas for mother's day:

1. Hijab floral motif

Hijab floral motif.

The first gift idea for Mother's Day is a collection of beautiful floral hijabs. This hijab is even cuter with laser cut details. Besides that, the material is also soft, so it is comfortable and easy to shape.

2. Pashmina motive

Pashmina motive.

If your mother is more comfortable wearing pashmina, then the right gift for this special moment is pashmina with elegant motifs. Choose a pashmina motif with a light material, so it is easy to shape and feels comfortable to wear all day long.

3. Hijab khimar

Hijab khimar

Instant khimar hijab can also be an option for you to provide something practical for your mother. Choose a khimar hijab with comfortable materials and basic colors to make it easy to mix and match.

4. Hijab Bergo

Hijab Bergo

Want to give a different gift for Mother's Day this year? You can give a bergo hijab with this super comfortable material. This plain bergo hijab is also more beautiful with a touch of sweet color.

5. One Set of Basic Hijab

One Set of Basic Hijab

For the hijab collection, this one must have item for everyone. A set of plain rectangular hijab collections that are comfortable and easy to mix and match. Besides that, the material is also comfortable and comes with a beautiful pouch that can be worn again.


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