Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Hijab that is suitable for white clothes

Hijab that is suitable for white clothes

For those who like simple styles, white clothes are definitely a favorite outfit that is comfortable to wear for various situations. The color is very safe, it turns out that it can make white clothes look boring if not combined with the right hijab. In order for the appearance of your white clothes to be attractive, here are tips on choosing a hijab that is suitable for white clothes.

1. Hijab Motif Gray 

Hijab Motif Gray

The first tip, you can combine it with a gray hijab. Give a simple impression by combining a plain headscarf with shades of gray with white clothes. Choose a hijab that has beautiful motifs so that your appearance looks more unique and stylish.

2. Hijab Blue

Hijab Blue

Apart from the gray hijab, another hijab color that is also suitable for white clothes is the blue rectangular hijab. Choose one that has cool color tones to match your outfit, like sky blue.

3. Pink Printed Scarves

Pink Printed Scarves

Want to look cuter? There is nothing wrong with exploring the pink hijab color. The calm color touch can make you look prettier. You can try a floral hijab to make it look even sweeter.

4. Maroon Color Motif Hijab

Maroon Color Motif Hijab

Furthermore, you can try using a maroon color hijab. For the hijab color, this one is perfect for those of you who like to appear contrasting.

5. Cream Printed Hijab

Cream Printed Hijab

It's time to look stunning with a cream printed hijab equivalent. The nude motif hijab is not only suitable for all skin tones. This creamy hijab is also perfect for mixing and matching your white clothes. Have you decided which hijab color is right for your white shirt?


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