Sunday, April 18, 2021

Items You Must Use in Rainy Season

Items You Must Use in Rainy Season

You have to be careful outside the house during the rainy season, Dear. In order to maintain health in the midst of a pandemic and the rainy season, we must take extra care of our health. Starting from 3M, namely: Using a mask, washing hands, and maintaining a distance to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. Besides that, you also have to wear waterproof ones or spare items that you should always carry with you.

The rainy season is synonymous with disease, the body's immune system is easily attacked by viral diseases. Especially those of you who are active outside the home.

1. Waterproof jacket 

Waterproof jacket

The jacket is a choice of the main item that is an option to leave the house during the rainy season. Because it is light and practical to wear, you can use it for outdoor activities. Made from water repellent is definitely a solution, moreover, this waterproof jacket can be used for sports too.

2. Waterproof mask

Waterproof mask

Masks have become a lifestyle today because Covid-19 is still around us. Wearing a mask during the rainy season at this time can be at risk of getting wet. Well, you have to bring a spare mask of 1 to 2 masks in your bag or desk drawer. Waterproof masks can be your choice, you know.

3. Hijab waterproof

Hijab waterproof

Wear the hijab already but get wet with rain. Now, there is a waterproof hijab that doesn't absorb water easily. The look with the hijab will not be messy or wet. The maintenance for the waterproof hijab is also easy, Dear.

4. Socks


For those of you who wear socks when leaving the house, don't forget to bring a spare shirt in your bag, vehicle, or work drawer. Maybe the footwear you wear is wet due to rain or puddles on the road.

5. Rubber shoes

Rubber shoes

Rubber shoes that don't get wet easily become a mainstay during the rainy season. Quick-drying rubber shoes don't even get wet. When compared to shoes other materials will damage the shoes. Besides that, rubber shoes are comfortable to wear and are an option during the rainy season.


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