Monday, April 5, 2021


Jaserah Feminine OOTD Inspiration

 Jaserah Feminine OOTD Inspiration

Jaserah, a fashion blogger from Texas, has a myriad of outfit inspirations that we can imitate. Her style that tends to be feminine with skirts and dresses is her choice. Besides being able to be used for casual events, you can also wear the outfit Jaserah uses for formal events such as attending a wedding party, you know!

Are you curious about the outfit? Check out the OOTD inspiration below!

1. Pleats Skirt

Pleats Skirt

Plisket skirt is the choice of many people to appear feminine casual, including Jaserah. Combining a bright plisket skirt and white blouse gives a feminine yet casual outfit. Don't forget to use your favorite sneakers so that you are more comfortable doing activities. You can also add accessories such as sling bags and sunglasses like those used by Jaserah to make your appearance more optimal.

2. Pastel Blouse

Pastel Blouse

Pastel colors are perfect for those of you who want to look cuter. To combine pastel colors, you should mix and match with other soft colors like white or cream. The inspiration for the outfit with the pastel green blouse used by Jaserah is very compatible with her broken white pants and cream hijab. By choosing oversized clothes, it makes it look comfortable and casual. This outfit is suitable for those of you who want to hangout in an effortless chic style.

3. Floral Skirt

Floral Skirt

Apart from using a plisket skirt, a patterned skirt can also be your choice to appear feminine! Jaserah combines a floral skirt with a cream colored sweater. Equipped with a matching hijab and boots making it look cute. This outfit is suitable for current weather conditions which are entering the rainy season. So, you can still look stylish without fear of feeling cold!

4. Maroon Dress

Maroon Dress

Want to appear more formal? Dress is always the answer. The maroon dress used by Jaserah is perfect for inspiring your formal outfit. The ruffle detail without the motive gives a simple yet elegant impression. You can add necklace accessories such as Jaserah. This dress is best combined with a gray or beige hijab. Don't forget to use matching colored shoes and bags, OK!

5. Blue Dress

Blue Dress

Another formal outfit inspiration is to use a blue dress. The blue dress worn by Jaserah gives an elegant impression, perfect to accompany you to important events. Simply combine it with a neutral colored hijab, you will get an effortless stylish look, you know!


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