Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Korean Outfit Inspiration for Hijabers

Korean Outfit Inspiration for Hijabers

Talking about Korea, of course, it is not far from their up-to-date fashion. For those of you who are fans of Korean dramas, you will always be stunned by the clothes they use. Recently, Go Ara made a comeback with her latest drama entitled Dodosolsollalasol. Acting as a pianist, Go Ara outfit in the drama we can "cheat" too. you know!

1. White Simple Dress 

White Simple Dress

Go Ara, who played Gu Rara, was originally a pianist from a rich family who was always spoiled by his father. Not surprisingly, Gu Rara's fashion is synonymous with dresses that give an elegant and fancy impression for everyday wear. Julie Dress from Aumone is suitable for those of you who want to look elegant like Gu Rara. A plain long dress that you can combine with a neutral colored hijab will add to your elegant outfit collection.

2. Ruffle Blouse

Ruffle Blouse

Still with white nuances, Thisa Top from Covering Story is similar to Gu Rara's outfit when she takes her pet for a walk. The ruffle accent and front strap detail give a sweet yet elegant impression. You can mix it with neutral colored subordinates to balance this blouse.

3. Printed Long Dress

Printed Long Dress

Apart from white, Gu Rara also likes to use bright colors. One of them is a dress with a combination of blue and white. Covering Story's Ralita Dress will give off a cute and fresh impression. This long dress goes well with a plain hijab, but it will still make you look chic!

4. Patterned Black Dress

Patterned Black Dress

Another interesting dress pattern for us to copy is a black long dress with polka dot details. Tsamara Dress from Rayaainun is suitable for those of you who want to look casual but still feminine. Combining this dress is also effortless, you only need cuffs and your favorite plain hijab!

5. Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress

Korean style is not far from bright colors. In the scene of Gu Rara playing the piano in the garden, it looks very eye-catching because of the orange long dress she wears. The bright colors make Gu Rara look younger and fresher when playing the piano.


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