Thursday, April 15, 2021

Long Pants Model for Casual Style

Long Pants Model for Casual Style

Wearing trousers for activities is indeed the most comfortable thing to do. Especially if you are an active person and have a myriad of activities. Trousers can certainly be a very helpful outfit if you like to move around to do many things.

Long pants can also be combined with a top like a tunic or blouse that will make you appear confident.

1. Plain Material Pants

Plain Material Pants

These material trousers are very comfortable and suitable for any activity, whether in a formal style or just a casual look.

With its slim fit model, Nuna Pants is also equipped with a lightweight material that fits perfectly with a shirt or blouse for a simple look.

2. Jeans


Do you want denim pants that are light and not hot? Just try using Longpant Denim Bia from Zahra Signature. These trousers do have a different model from other trousers because they manage to use materials that are comfortable to use for various occasions.

You can combine these trousers with any top to create a casual look that is pleasing to the eye.

3. Slim Fit Pants

Slim Fit Pants

Interested in wearing trousers with cool materials that have a variety of color choices? Just wear these trousers from Imperial!

These slim-fit trousers are very suitable for you to wear to work or just to do other non-formal activities such as traveling.

4. Plain Culottes

Plain Culottes

These long culottes have a different style from other pants because they are equipped with a wide wide-leg model and are very comfortable to use for any activity.

Just pair these culottes with a top like a shirt or tunic for a casual, stylish look.

5. Motif trousers

Motif trousers

Love a relaxed look but still beautiful and charming? Just try using Ezera Pants Charmine from My Daily Hijab.

These trousers with super cool material are indeed very suitable to accompany your busy activities and need a lot of movement. Pair these pants with a top that fits so that you get the look you want.

So, here are some recommendations for trousers that you can try for a simple and casual look. Good luck, Dear!


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