Monday, April 12, 2021

Look Charming with Selected Kaftans

Look Charming with Selected Kaftans

Kaftans have become a trend several years ago as a fashion that is very suitable to be worn to attend important events such as weddings or even Eid. Until now, the kaftan is still one type of long dress that is much sought after by women.

Yes, the kaftan does have its own characteristics, namely the unique model and the thin material and is comfortable to use. Kaftans also come in various colors and designs that will make you look stunning when using them.

1. Kaftan Embroidery

Kaftan Embroidery

Kaftan embroidery can be your choice to use when going to formal events that require extra make-up. With this kaftan, you can look stylish immediately. Just mix this caftan with the use of a plain rectangular hijab.

2. Two-tone kaftan

Two-tone kaftan

Love a great look? Just try wearing this one caftan. You can combine the two-tone model with a simple and plain hijab with a rectangular hijab or patterned pashmina.

3.Batik Kaftan

Batik Kaftan

You are definitely no stranger to this one caftan model. You can wear this kaftan for a formal look or other special moments.

4. Kaftan Kimono

Kaftan Kimono

The kaftan kimono model is probably one of the most unique caftans on this list. How come? This kaftan combines a kaftan design with a beautiful and unique kimono. This kaftan is suitable for important events or just hanging out with relatives.

5. Satin Kaftan

Satin Kaftan

Kaftan with satin has become an idol thanks to its lightweight material and comfortable to use to attend any event. Just mix this kaftan with a rectangular or pashmina hijab in the right color to get the look you want.


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