Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Look stylish with a tunic even at home

Look stylish with a tunic even at home

Just at home doesn't mean we can't look stylish. Even though you are WFH, you still have many activities such as online meetings and so on. Therefore, looking beautiful and charming is still a must.

Just because you are at home, you also need clothes that are cool and soft to support your activities, remain comfortable and comfortable to use.

Don't worry, now many brands have launched various kinds of tunics with unique and out-of-date models. About anything? Come on, the review is direct below!

1. Tunic Motifs of Flowers

Tunic Motifs of Flowers

Maira Tunic from Pragia Official is indeed a tunic with a simple model but still looks elegant.

With its simple model and soft material, you can use this tunic to carry out daily activities. Just mix this tunic with long pants or skirts, you can look beautiful and stylish.

2. Simple Plain Tunic

Simple Plain Tunic

Rayya Tunik from Maecriuz is very suitable for those of you who want a casual look, but still charming. With its plain motifs, you can combine this tunic with any hijab style from pashmina to square hijab.

3. Tunic Shirt

Tunic Shirt

Loveticia is famous for its unique and distinctive tunic products, one of which is the Puffy Tunic. With a beautiful and aesthetic model, you can highlight your unique side just by using this tunic.

Just try to mix this tunic with plain long pants or skirts, you will definitely get a beautiful look according to what you want.

4. Ruffle tunic

Ruffle tunic

Do you like ethnic motifs that are pleasing to the eye? Just use Indian Tunics from Qosidah.

With a beautiful layer model, you can combine this tunic with any hijab. Not only that, you can also wear this tunic with slim-fit pants for a charming and stylish look.

5. Printed Tunic

Printed Tunic

yme Tunic from Shamal Cloth is indeed very suitable for activities when you are just at home.

This tunic presents very charming and different motifs and models that will make you instantly beautiful. Just pair this tunic with a plain rectangular hijab or slim-fit pants for a strikingly charming look.


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