Thursday, April 15, 2021

Maximizing Appearance with Plain Square Hijab

Maximizing Appearance with Plain Square Hijab

Plain hijab is indeed a champion for everyday wear. Because it is plain without a motive, it can be used for any outfit, plain or patterned. Plain is very flexible to use. The plain hijab is a safe choice for you to wear, Dear.

Just plain hijab? Even though you wear a plain hijab, you can really maximize your appearance. Now there are many plain scarves with attractive models and details, which certainly support a more stylish and contemporary appearance. Come on, see the rectangular hijab recommendations that are suitable for you!

1. Crochet hijab detail

Crochet hijab detail

The crochet detail on the hijab gives a feminine impression, you know, Dear. Embroidery crochet that is usually found on clothes to add a trendy impression. This crochet sweetens the appearance of your hijab so it doesn't look ordinary.

2. Laser cut scarf

Laser cut scarf

It's no stranger to laser cut detailed scarves. Laser cut models are many and varied, Dear. Laser cut details can also make your appearance attractive. The hijab square you are wearing is unusual.

3. Scarf detail lining

Scarf detail lining

The lining detail on the scarf is also interesting. Although only lines remain a concern. This line on your scarf can support your hijab appearance. Although there are not many lining details on most scarves, the lining details are unique, you know, Dear.

4. Scarf detail embroidery

Scarf detail embroidery

Even though the embroidery details are only on one side, the embroidery detail hijab can be your choice. The embroidery details enhance your appearance with a plain hijab. Maximize the look with sweet embroidery details.

5. Tassel scarf detail

Tassel scarf detail

Tassel is a decorative tassel made from a bunch of threads. This detail is quite unique, because this tassel is usually on one side of the hijab square or only on two sides. For details, the tassel is usually located on the back of the hijab.


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