Monday, April 19, 2021

Mukena Model Suitable for Sheshahan

Mukena Model Suitable for Sheshahan

The prayer tool is an important item in a wedding ceremony. One of them is a mukena. The gift that the groom gives to the bride will later be used daily in prayer.

1. White Mukena 

White Mukena

White is synonymous with being clean and holy, like a sacred promise in a marriage contract. Although the white mukena looks ordinary, the model is not boring. The material is light and comfortable to wear.

2. Mukena Lace

Mukena Lace

Do you like mukena with detailed lace and feminine colors? Pink mukena and lace details can be an option because of the beautiful and elegant lace details. Rubber details on the head make it comfortable.

3. Mukena Motive

Mukena Motive

Mukena with motifs is beautiful, huh, Dear? Yes, until today, mukena with beautiful motifs are the choice for wedding gifts. The material is light, of course cool to use.

4. Lace accent motif Mukena

Lace accent motif Mukena

A beautiful blend of floral and lace motifs. For those of you who love shabby chic this mukena is perfect. With cool cotton material, this mukena can be relied on for daily prayers.

5. Mukena Silk

Mukena Silk

Mukena silk is indeed much favored because of its light material. This mukena gives an elegant impression. The motive is no less beautiful, just right for a wedding ceremony, Dear.


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