Wednesday, April 14, 2021

OOTD Tips for Appearing Standout ala Dalillah Ismail

 OOTD Tips for Appearing Standout ala Dalillah Ismail

Dalillah Ismail, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Singapore, has a style that we can emulate for casual OOTD! Dalillah's distinctive style with a relaxed but still chic feel is perfect for those of you who like to mix and match colors but don't want to look tacky. Check out the OOTD inspiration that you can take from Dalillah below, let's go!

1. All Black Outfit

All Black Outfit

Do you like to wear black clothes? The outfit that Dalillah wears can be your inspiration, here! Stick with your favorite color, but add a touch of polka dot pattern that will make your OOTD not boring. With polka-dotted details, you will look more fashionable and bold. Adjust the hijab with a plain hijab, yes!

2. Dare to use colorful tops

Dare to use colorful tops

Tops with bright colors will make your day more colorful, you know! Like what Dalillah wore this. She combines a bright top with plain green pants and a pink hijab which makes her look even more expressive. OOTD like this can make you stand out and be different from the others.

3. Hangout with a dress

Hangout with a dress

Dress can look formal and casual at the same time, you know. In this photo, Dalillah is wearing a dress with a ruffle accent that looks cute. Do not forget that he uses a hijab and a bag with matching colors. This ruffle accent makes it look more casual, this could be your choice to hang out with a dress!

4. Combine plain tops with bright culottes

Combine plain tops with bright culottes

Who is this, whose boss is mostly plain motifs? If you are bored with your same outfit, you can mix it with bright colored culottes! Here Dalillah uses outer and white cuffs. But, OOTD he still stands out because of the bright color culottes with the stripe detail he wears. Bright colors like this will make you look chic and the stripe details will make your legs look more leveled.

5. Do not hesitate to use the blazer pattern

Do not hesitate to use the blazer pattern

In addition to bright tops and bottoms, the blazer pattern will also make your appearance look chic and fresh, you know! Having a blazer pattern will complement your OOTD. You only need to combine it with plain tops and bottoms, just add your favorite patterned blazer. Make sure your subordinates and hijab wear the same color as Dalillah's, yes!


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