Monday, April 5, 2021

Overall Recommendations for Hijabers

Overall Recommendations for Hijabers

Overalls or frog clothes are often used to match chic casual moments. This outfit does offer a casual impression but still looks cute.
If in the past there were more denim overalls that were widely worn, now overalls are designed with a more diverse choice of materials, the latest overalls are far from monotonous. For those of you who are looking for recommendations that hijabers can wear. Check out the recommendations below!

1. Lilac Overall

Lilac Overall

First, you can wear overalls with lilac shades. The color that is currently hits can bring a light and sweet impression. Just mix your favorite white basic top.

2. Simple Overall

Simple Overall

Want a simpler and lighter impression? Wear overalls with a clean model like this. Even though the design is simple, there are detailed buttons on the side so that your appearance will still look cute.

3. Vintage Overall

Vintage Overall

Next, you can wear overalls with a classic design like this. This tartan overall is perfect for those of you who want to look vitage chic.

4. Floral Overall

Floral Overall

It's time to look feminine with floral overalls. To make your appearance even more charming, you can pair it with a basic top or a turtleneck top in a contrasting color

5. Tartan Overall

Tartan Overall

If overall this one plaid pattern is most suitable for those of you who want to appear contrasting. The layer touches and the checkered pattern are ready to make your style even more stunning.


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