Monday, April 19, 2021

Oversized Clothes Recommendations for Casual Moments

 Oversized Clothes Recommendations for Casual Moments

Wear oversized clothes, why not? Oversized clothes are timeless, until now they have become a fashion trend. For those of you who are big, this is definitely the model you are looking for, for those of you who are petite you can also wear it. Oversized clothing models really apply to anyone, so you have to be able to mix and match them attractively.

Oversized collections are much sought after, because they have advantages. Can cover the body shape that you feel is less attractive. Or it could be for a casual style, you can apply a belt.

1. Plain Shirt

Plain Shirt

Oversized shirts can be your choice to the office. You can stay stylish with an oversized shirt, with a belt for example. Or it could be you dress the right side but you just leave it on the left.

2. Plain Blouse

Plain Blouse
Simple with an oversized blouse, you can wear it for everyday. With a large chest circumference and batwing make it comfortable to wear. There are details of plisket that sweeten your appearance.

3. Polka Motif Shirt

Polka Motif Shirt

For those of you who like polka motifs, wearing polka shirts and oversized models can be an option to appear casual. You can also wear clothes like this to work. It can really be for those of you who are big to cover the parts of your body that make you less confident.

4. Shirt Mosaic Motif

Shirt Mosaic Motif

Motif shirts are indeed attractive. The material is also cool and the size is loose. You can mix and match with your favorite pants or skirt. The monochrome color is sure to look sleek for a big man.

5. Sweaters


Saat ini musim hujan, pakai sweater jadi pilihan utama dalam berbusana. Baju model oversized bisa dipakai di dalam ruangan. Selain menghangatkan, sweater juga stylish, Dear.

6. Blus dengan kerut

Blus dengan kerut

Blouses are indeed champions in the hearts of women. This clothing model is the most favorite because it is not too long and not too short. Oversized blouses with live buttons are also suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers.

7. Oversized tunic

Oversized tunic

It's time for you to be different with oversized tunic collections. You can choose a model with two unique accents like this. Apart from relaxing moments, this outfit is also suitable for formal moments.


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