Thursday, April 8, 2021

Pants Recommendations for Small Body Owners

Pants Recommendations for Small Body Owners 

Having a small body sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right pants. The wrong choice will make our tiny bodies look even smaller. Bored with your pants with the same style but confused about what pants to wear? HIJUP has a recommendation for pants for those of you who have a small body.

Some of the pants below can be an option to complete your outfit, you know! Curious? Listen below, yes!

1. Pleats Cullote

Pleats Cullote

Pleats detail was booming again last year. Starting from skirts, pants, dresses, and even hijab, pleats are given detail. This pleats Cullote Pastel from AMALA can be a choice of pants for you to hang out. The pleats detail gives the illusion of your legs looking longer. You can tuck your shirt into your pants to emphasize the details of your pleats cullote. These pants also have a comfortable waistband, you know!

2. Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pants

Choosing wide leg pants can be a little tricky, especially if you have a small body. If you get wide leg pants that are too wide it can make your body "sink". The Wide Leg Pants from Jenahara is one of the pants that fits your tiny body. The cut that is not too wide will not make your body "sink", it can actually make you look taller. These plain pants are suitable for your formal outfit. Just combine it with your favorite shirt and blazer.

3. High Waist Pants

High waist pants

High waist pants are one of the favorite pants models for small people. The detail of the pants waist which is higher than the pants in general gives the wearer the illusion of having longer legs. Olymp Pants from Shamal Cloth can be an option for those of you who want to have new high waist pants. You can use these scuba pants for a hangout outfit or for an office outfit.

4. Stripped Pants

Stripped Pants

Do you want to have patterned pants but are still confused about which motif to match? Alison Navy from Kla by Itang Yunasz can be the answer to your confusion, here. Stripe patterned pants like this can give the illusion of your legs looking longer. Motif pants are also easy to mix and match with your favorite plain clothes. In addition, these pants have many size options too.

5. Cutbray Pants

Cutbray Pants

Like a retro outfit? Mora Pant from My Daily Hijab is perfect for completing your retro outfit, you know! These cutbray pants have a pants tip that is not too wide, so it doesn't make you look short. These pants come in several sizes so they are suitable for any body shape. You can combine these plain pants with a tartan patterned shirt for a more stylish look.

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