Monday, April 12, 2021

Peek Tips & Tricks Mix and Neutral Colors ala Imane Asry

Peek Tips & Tricks Mix and Neutral Colors ala Imane Asry

Swedish fashion blogger, Imane Asry, always has a style that we can emulate for everyday wear. Apart from the fact that the color choices he uses are always neutral, Imane's outfit choices can also be used for hangouts or going to the office.

HIJUP has Imane Asry's recommended outfit, you know!

1. Brown Vest 

Brown Vest

Do you have a white shirt but are confused about how to mix and match? You can add a vest like the one used by Imane, you know. This outer is suitable for those of you who want to look casual with a white shirt. Minerva Blouse in Brown is suitable for those of you who like earth tone colors. Just combine it with colored pants that match the vest you are wearing, you will get this comfy casual look.

2. White pleats skirt

White pleats skirt

A plisket skirt is a fashion item that you must have for a feminine look. The plisket details will give you an effortless chic impression. If you don't like a feminine look, you can mix it with a black or brown top with a matching hijab. Plus boots will make you look even cooler, you know!

3. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Denim is the favorite color of many people who like streetwear styles. In this outfit, Imane only uses a white shirt as a top. But he added a denim jacket that made it look trendy casual. Combined with matching colored jeans to complement his streetwear outfit. You can complete this look by using your favorite sneakers too.

4. Black Matching Set

Black Matching Set

If you are a fresh graduated and are in the mood to apply for a job, you can imitate this one Imane outfit. By using a white shirt that is closed with a black blazer and matching colored pants, it is suitable for those of you who want to attend a job interview. Jessica Black from Kla by Itang Yunasz is a chic matching set that you can use for your smart casual look.

5. Long Outer

Long Outer

In addition to suits that can complement your formal appearance, the long outer can also be an option for your outfit. Imane combines a long outer cream color with a black blouse and jeans. It looks casual with the sneakers it wears. For a more formal look, you can replace the jeans with culottes. High heels with neutral colors will also give a formal impression to your outfit.


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