Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Recommended Best Fabric Mask Models for Everyday Style

 Recommended Best Fabric Mask Models for Everyday Style

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, masks have become a primary need that must be used whenever and wherever, especially when we are outside the home or public places such as offices, supermarkets, and many more.

Now, many brands have launched masks with various models and motifs that can be combined with everyday clothing styles. What masks do you think? Come on, look at the reviews below!

1. Polcadot Mask

Polcadot Mask

Masks Make it Pop! The polka dots from Aileen Official not only comply with the standards recommended by WHO, but are also equipped with beautiful motifs that are sure to make you look fashionable when wearing them.

Just mix this mask with a hijab and tunic, then you will get the special look you want.

2. Laces Mask

Laces Mask

This laces mask from Chale has no doubt about its quality. It's not just a matter of quality, but its charming design and is suitable for wearing a long dress that will create an elegant look.

3. Embroidery Mask.

Embroidery Mask.

Noora Embroidery Mask from Hijablooks is one of the masks that can support your appearance. Combine this mask with a blouse and long pants for a simple result or just wear a long dress for a much more captivating look.

4.Floral Mask.

Floral Mask.

Noche's Mika Yellow mask is a mask that has its own characteristics, namely a knitwear model that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
You can combine this mask with a regular pashmina or square hijab for a simple but fashionable look.

5. Printed Mask

Printed Mask

Face Mask (Tansy) from Hijab Sabine always manages to captivate us with its look and design that is different from other masks. Therefore, this mask is very appropriate to use when you want to look simple or elegant.

So, here are some recommendations for the best masks for a fashionable and charming style of dress every day. How? Ready to try?


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