Thursday, April 8, 2021

Ruba Zai's OOTD inspiration, from Casual to Formal

Ruba Zai's OOTD inspiration, from Casual to Formal

Meet Ruba Zai! The influencer who lives in the Netherlands likes to share his outfit of the day on his Instagram page. Besides being always inspiring, we can imitate the outfit Ruba wears and wear it for all events, you know! HIJUP has some interesting outfit recommendations inspired by Ruba Zai. Curious? Check out the recommendations below, yes!

1. Look Casual with a Motif Blouse

Look Casual with a Motif Blouse

Blouses are always a favorite choice for outfit hangouts. Besides being easy to mix and match, blouses also usually have comfortable materials. As Ruba used in this photo. This blouse with soft colors and tartan motifs is suitable to be paired with neutral colored pants and hijab. In order not to be monotonous, the colors of the pants and hijab can be distinguished, such as brown and black, which can be used together.

2. Dress for a Hangout

Dress for a Hangout

For you dress lovers, you can also use a dress to hang out without looking formal. Ruba chose a green dress with a polka dot motif for his hangout outfit. Do not forget to mix and match with a neutral colored hijab to balance the motif of the dress. To make the appearance look more casual, you can use your favorite sneakers!

3. Long Outer for a Stylish Look

Long Outer for a Stylish Look

Want to appear effortless, stylish? Mix and match your plain outfit with a patterned long outer. Patterned outer will make you look chic. Long outer can also make the illusion of your body look tall, you know. You can use accessories such as sunglasses for a more standout look.

4. Mix and Cream Tunic

Mix and Cream Tunic

Earth tone colors were booming last year. Generally, earth tones are suitable for all skin tones. The selection of a cream tunic is also perfect for any occasion, formal or casual. This cream colored tunic is easy to mix and match. Ruba added white pants, making it look cuter. This outfit, combined with a brown hijab and a matching bag as an accessory, is suitable for outfits at parties or just for gathering with relatives.

5. Formal Outfit with One Set Blazer

Formal Outfit with One Set Blazer

Need a more formal outfit for the office or job interview? One set of blazers can be an option! This suit is suitable for those of you who don't want to bother mixing and matching clothes. You can add neutral colored cuffs like the one Ruba was wearing. The hijab can be combined with your favorite plain hijab. If you feel that an outfit with a blazer looks too formal, you can simply combine it with your favorite sneakers to make it look more casual.


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