Monday, April 5, 2021

Shirt Recommendations for Outfit to the Office

Shirt Recommendations for Outfit to the Office

Shirts can be a mandatory outfit when you go to the office. Besides being easy to mix and match, shirts can also make you look neat at work. But sometimes, the shirts that we find on the market tend to have just the usual models.

Well, HIJUP has recommendations for stylish and suitable shirts to accompany you to the office to appear more standout. Curious? Check out the recommendations below, yes!

1. Simple Shirt

Simple Shirt
Look simple with the Violet Shirt from This plain shirt is easy to mix with motif or plain subordinates. The neutral color won't make you bothered to mix and match. This shirt has button details on the front and on the wrist which can give it a formal yet stylish impression. There are several color choices too!

2. Oversized Shirt

Oversized Shirt

Another plain shirt is from CHALE Official, namely the Jeany Oversized Shirt. Unlike the previous shirts, this shirt has oversized size details. Oversized clothes like this can give a casual impression but still be formal at the same time. The Jeany Oversized Shirt has several color choices too. You can combine this shirt with your favorite culotte or skirt.

3. Asymmetrical Shirts

Asymmetrical Shirts

Look more stylish with the Peanut Shirt from Rurik. This shirt that has asymmetric cut details is guaranteed to make you look more standout when you go to the office. There is also a stripe detail on one side of the shirt which is contrasting. With a brown color that tends to be neutral, you can combine this shirt with cream colored pants and hijab. Don't forget to use shoes with matching colors.

4. Shirt Motif Stripes

Shirt Motif Stripes

Want to look cuter? Use the Amanda Shirt from Evolet. A stripe shirt like this is suitable for those of you who want to look slimmer. There is a detailed waist strap that can be adjusted according to your body shape. With a touch of pink and white, your outfit to the office will look sweeter. You can combine it with your favorite plain pants or skirt, yes, dear.

5. Printed Shirt

Printed Shirt

The final shirt recommendation is the Art Shirt from LoveTicia. This shirt has a contrasting motif that is really playful. The rubber details on the wrists are also “wudu-friendly”. Using brightly colored clothes like this can be your mood booster before work, you know! Simply combine it with plain white or cream pants, you have got a chic outfit for the office.


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