Friday, April 9, 2021

Take a peek at the 2021 fashion trend predictions

 Take a peek at the 2021 fashion trend predictions

The cycles of trends in the fashion industry are always able to give birth to interesting surprises every year. Not only are the color games increasingly playful, the exploration of details and clothing designs is now also more and more full of twists.

Closing the end of 2020, a number of fashion site pages such as whowhatwear to trendspotter announced what predictions will be the trend in 2021. Are you curious about the clothing collections that are ready to trend in 2021? Launching from the whowhatwear and trendspotter sites, here is the summary. Check these out!

1. Knit Outfit

Knit Outfit
One outfit that is predicted to be worn a lot throughout the 2020 season is a knit outfit or clothes with knit material. Apart from sweaters, a collection of pastel-colored knitted cardigans is also being widely used.

2. Pastel Tones

Pastel Tones

After the busy parade of lilac, mint, and baby pink colors. It is predicted that this year there will still be a lot of use of pastel and nude colors for various outfits. So, Dear are you ready to fellin 'chic?

3. Long Loose Trousers Statement

Long Loose Trousers Statement

For subordinate collections, it can be seen in a number of world fashion parades that many have launched collections of trousers with a cut with a touch of statement. In 2021 there will be a large collection of trousers with wide and loose cuts. Super comfy yet statement!

4. Printed Scarves

Printed Scarves

The modest fashion realm also doesn't want to miss launching the latest trends, one of which will keep on trend is printed scarves or hijab motifs with contrasting color collaborations. The experimental motifs are predicted not only to be a touch of floral motifs, there will be many other motifs appearing.

5. Minimalist Clean

Minimalist Clean

Given the persistent pandemic conditions, many fashion houses have decided to issue more minimalist and versatile clothing styles. This simple clothing model trend is of course in order to support maximum comfort for the wearer.


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