Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Time to be stunning with the Earthy Tone Outfit

Time to be stunning with the Earthy Tone Outfit

The earth tone color does make the wearer look calm. This color that is not flashy and tends to be soft, it never dies, especially for everyday wear. This color is also used for the concept of an event for a vintage concept. Are you a lover of earth tone colors? Come on, find out the earth tone color clothes!

1. Mustard tunic. 

Mustard tunic.

The colors that are trending this year, are being sought. Yes, mustard. You can mix and match this calm yellow color with brown, guaranteed your appearance will be sweet and not tacky.

2. Shirt Green.

Shirt Green.

Green is a great shade, huh, Dear? Army green or olive is an earth tone color. The green color is calm and cool, of course you will still be stylish.

3. Terracotta colored tunic

Terracotta colored tunic

Another earth tone color, terracotta. This contrasting color is still safe and can be a mainstay. You can mix and match with other color outfits.

4. Brown tunic

Brown tunic

Brown is a color that is synonymous with earth tone. Choose light brown to appear feminine, Dear. And you can mix and match with a pastel color outfit.

5. Peach Blouse

Peach Blouse

Peach is an earth tone color. Peach color is a bit pink, but peach color still makes you stylish. This color can be your mainstay to appear feminine everyday, Dear.


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