Monday, April 19, 2021

Tips for Elevating Style with a Blazer

 Tips for Elevating Style with a Blazer

What is your favorite fashion outfit, Dear? The blazer collection may be one of them. In the past, blazers were only intended to match formal styles, now the blazer collection is quite flexible for various style combinations, namely chic look, laid-back style, to edgy vibes.

Well, if you plan to elevate your style with your favorite blazer collection. Let's check these tips!

1. Simply Chic

Simply Chic

The first combination of looks, you can try a simply chic equivalent like this. The trick, just combine a contrasting blazer with earthy colored clothes.

2. Goin 'Monochrome

Goin 'Monochrome

The easiest tip for instantly creating a stylish look is with a matching or monochrome look. To make it easy to mix and match and look safe, you can choose to use a black blazer combined with ethnic motif pants.

3. Casual Days Out

Casual Days Out

During relaxing moments, of course, you need clothes with maximum comfort. Wear a co-Ords outfit that is mixed and matched with a blazer. To get rid of the monotonous impression, you should choose a motif like this.

4. Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes

There's nothing wrong with exploring trends that were popular in the past. You can try a 60-70 retro vibe like this one. Combine a turtleneck top with plaid trousers and your favorite blazer.

5. Smart Casual

Smart Casual

Want to appear smart casual? Just rely on your favorite blazer! Pair it with jeans and a beautiful printed blouse. Don't forget to complete this style with a pair of heels.


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