Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tips for Mix and Match White Clothes

Tips for Mix and Match White Clothes

White clothes have always been a neutral color for many people. But if the mix and match is wrong, it will look "boring"! Even though with neutral colors like white it makes it easier for us to mix and match so that the outfit looks more stylish. Well, HIJUP has tips for those of you who want to look chic with your white shirt, here. Check out the tips below!

1. Don't Wear Black Pants

Don't Wear Black Pants

If you want to look casual with white clothes, avoid wearing black pants. Black pants under a white shirt will give a too formal impression. Use cream colored pants like Emma Culottes from Alyssa. The wide-leg detail also gives the impression of your legs being longer, you know! You can use it for a hangout outfit or to the office.

2. Wear Patterned Pants

Wear Patterned Pants

Another pants recommendation for your white shirt partner is patterned pants. This Kathelea Checkered Pants Blue from Hijabenka Official has a tartan motif that contrasts completely with your white shirt. Patterned pants like this will give you a chic and casual impression, perfect for your daily style!

3. Tired of the Regular Skirt? Use a Tulle Skirt

Use a Tulle Skirt

Skirts are always the answer for those of you who like a feminine look. If you are bored of using the same skirt model, try using a tulle skirt. This Zayna Skirt from Naeka is made from premium tulle, perfect for pairing with your white shirt. This skirt detail that gives a glamorous impression can really be your outfit for a wedding or other formal event!

4. Pair it with the Overall Dress

Pair it with the Overall Dress

Another tip for your white shirt is to combine it with the overall dress. One of HIJUP's favorite overalls from Tufine.id is Aizha Overall Dress. The design is simple but still cute with button details and soft color choices. This outfit is suitable for hangouts, especially if you are a fan of Korean style outfits. This dress also has several color choices, you know!

5. Printed Scarf is the Key to Appear Effortless Chic

Printed Scarf is the Key to Appear Effortless Chic

The last tip for your white shirt is to use a printed scarf. This Vintatique Scarf in Audrey from HIJUP SCARF has a beautiful floral pattern with a choice of sweet colors. Suitable for those of you who want to appear effortless chic. You can combine it by using a white long dress or using a white blouse with cream pants.


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