Monday, April 19, 2021

Tips for Staying Comfortable Wearing Hijab When Sports

Tips for Staying Comfortable Wearing Hijab When Sports

Hijab will not be a barrier to doing various activities, including sports. Both as a hobby and as a daily routine, exercise has many benefits both physically and mentally. Especially in situations that require staying healthy and fit. From cycling, jogging before work, or taking a zumba class, it's all very well to do as you wish.

The clothes used when exercising must be considered comfortable. Especially for women who wear hijab when exercising outside the home. Starting from toe to head must support body comfort and space to move.

Come on, take a peek at the tips below to stay comfortable wearing hijab while exercising!

1. Use Instant Hijab

Use Instant Hijab

Instant sport hijab is suitable for choice because it is easy to use. This type of hijab does not require additional pins or needles so it is faster and easier to use. Of course, it gives the effect of being more flexible in moving the head optimally. This sports hijab uses spandex material which is soft and comfortable for use in sports.

2. Choose Sweat-Absorb Cuff Material

Choose Sweat-Absorb Cuff Material

The clothing we use must be friendly to activities that produce a lot of sweat. Comfortable stitching and the right size should also be considered. Use the Simply Basic Cufflinks from Hijabestie with a lightweight and comfortable t-shirt material. Certainly easy to absorb sweat and provide good air circulation for the skin.

3. Use Comfortable Leggings

Use Comfortable Leggings

When you do a lot of movement, the type of pants you wear is certainly an important factor. Use pants with flexible material and support movement when exercising. Cuca Active has Sports Leggings with stretch materials as an option.

4. Hairbands


When exercising using a hijab, your hair must be tied neatly and tightly. It is also important to avoid stifling sensation in the head area. No need to worry about messy hair or disturbing comfort when moving the body.

5. Prevent Patches with Handsock

Prevent Patches with Handsock

You don't need to be afraid of your hands being stung by the sun during outdoor sports. Especially if the sport chosen is cycling, which requires the hands to be exposed to sunlight. Just use the handsock that covers the back of the hand comfortably and elegantly. SOKA Handsock can be a solution with short and long sleeve options. Sweat is also easily absorbed because this product is made from microfiber.


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