Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Tops That Go for Long Skirts

Tops That Go for Long Skirts 

Skirts are always an option to appear more feminine. Besides being able to be used for formal events, you can also use skirts for everyday outfits. The choice of clothes that will be combined with the skirt is of course also an important point so that the appearance is more stylish.

HIJUP has recommendations for clothes that are suitable for you to wear with your favorite skirt. Are you curious? Listen below, yes!

1. Simple White Blouse

Simple White Blouse

Moana Top from Renatha Official is suitable for those of you who want to look cute. This blouse has gorgeous ruffle details. The detail on the wrist strap gives the wearer a chic impression. This white blouse is best paired with pastel colored skirts if you like the Korean style look.

2. Nude Color Plain Shirt

Nude Color Plain Shirt

If you like a smart casual look or are an outfit to go to the office, you can use a shirt for your skirt partner. Hannah from V-Label has a sweet salmon color, perfect to match with your favorite plisket skirt. The details of the front buttons are really busui-friendly! This shirt also has several color choices that are no less attractive, you know.

3. Blouse Motif

Blouse Motif

Want to appear effortless, stylish? Multicolor Doodle Rosemary from COTTONINK is the answer. This printed blouse has a motif that is really fun and attractive. The bright color is suitable to be combined with the skirt in your favorite color. Make sure your skirt and hijab are plain.

4. Turtleneck Top

Turtleneck Top

For those of you who want to look more casual, the Basic TurtleNeck Top from Jenahara is right for you, here! This plain t-shirt has a turtle neck detail that is suitable in the rainy season like now. You can use a plain skirt or your favorite pattern by tucking the shirt into the skirt so that your appearance looks more stylish.

5. Basic Color Plain Blouse

Basic Color Plain Blouse

For a simpler look, you can use a plain blouse. The blouse is made of light material, so it is perfect for a daily look. The beautiful plisket accent can add a beautiful impression to the display.


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