Thursday, April 1, 2021

Types of Ciput and their Functions

Types of Ciput and their Function

The inner or inner hijab is a necessity for Muslim women to protect their hair while wearing the hijab. Inner helps the appearance of the hijab to be neat throughout the day, cover hair from a thin or transparent hijab, prevent messy hair and come out of the hijab, and as a creative material in hijab. Here are the inner types for hijab.

1. Inner Slim Face

Inner Slim Face

This type of inner is known in the market as anti-chubby ciput (antem). Designed in such a way as to fit on the face and partially cover the cheeks so that it gives a thin effect to the face.

2. Ciput Rajut

Ciput Knit

The inner is simplest because it doesn't cover the neck, only wraps around the hair. Usually this ciput uses knit or knit fabric that is stretchable and super comfortable.

3. Inner Ninja

Inner Ninja

Given the name ninja because it looks like a ninja costume, covering the head to the neck. Including the inner most popular because it makes us more free to create hijab and wear clothes of any style, especially without a collar, so keep it closed and safe to wear.

4. Inner two-tone

Inner two-tone

This ciput has two colors that make it easy for the wearer, this ciput is usually designed using knitting material or cotton spandex material.


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