Tuesday, May 4, 2021

5 choices of wedding dress at KUA

 5 choices of wedding dress at KUA

Any plans to get married in the near future? Although the current circumstances and conditions are not as normal as before, the holy intention to take a more serious level should not be extinguished. Good intentions must be hastened, yes, Dear. Even though it is carried out at the KUA or at home, the marriage contract is still sacred.

Simple indeed, even so the marriage you want is once in a lifetime. You still have to wear the best clothes that make you look beautiful on your happy day. HIJUP Magazine provides five recommended dress recommendations for marriage at KUA or at home.

1. Dress the beautiful laces

Dress the beautiful laces

Wedding day is synonymous with white. Holy, sacred, and pure the bond of marriage between two human beings. Wrapped in a white dress is fairly ordinary and classic, but white never dies for your wedding day, it's perfect for your wedding ceremony procession.

2. Dress Tulle Cream

Dress Tulle Cream

Cream color is also okay for you to use for your happy day with your partner. The sacred procession of the contract will not be any different from a dress different in color from white. The soft and warm cream color is perfect for the day you have been waiting for a lifetime.

3. Chocolate Tulle Dress

Chocolate Tulle Dress

For those of you who like earth tones, a brown dress is perfect for you. With tulle material and warm brown colors, the sacred impression on your happy day still radiates. Wear the same hijab color with the straps to keep you looking stylish. This light brown tulle is suitable for any skin tone, Dear.

4. Emerald Tulle Dress

Emerald Tulle Dress

Who said only soft colors can you wear during the wedding ceremony? Bright and bold colors can also be your dress choice for your big day. The luxurious emerald color still gives a sacred impression on your contract day. You can mix and match with the appropriate plain color hijab and you still look elegant.

5. Kaftan with Beads

Kaftan with Beads

The beads add a stylish look to your happy day. Using a caftan with beads doesn't hurt for your marriage contract, Dear. You still look elegant and stylish on your big day. Pair it with the appropriate hijab color, so that your appearance will charm you as a bride.


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